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Story dilemma

Chelsey replied to Chelsey's topic

Very good ideas. You posted alot. Thank you.

The airship is about the size of a small city. Cant exactly shoot it down short of a nuclear detonation. I figured that it would be moored over an agricultural farm and that there would be primitive aircraft used as crop dusters that could take the girls back to the ship. I suppose I could ignore that.

The airship itself would seem to have a few hangers. I thought, at first, the initial bomb could destroy the hanger, but I cannot imagine it not having several hangers or shuttle flight decks.

If the terrorists were in multiple locations and could shoot down a rescue attempt, that would work. Im gonna go with that idea. Nice job!

Jul 25th 2021 12:41

❤New Group ❤

Chelsey replied to Somethingofaromantic's topic

7) Your character is the princess of a kingdom. Except for the guards, many of whom are handsome, except for the stable hands she spies from time to time, she has been kept hidden away from men most of her life. She has always resented that. She had secretly had an affair with the Councilor that her parents never knew about. What he did indelibly changed her.

Parents forge an arranged marriage between her and a greasy, bloated, indulgent puke of a Duke she doesnt want to have anything to do with. She is sent overseas to marry him.

She is isolated on a ship with 60 men, and a captain who she feels is keeping her prisoner, denying her from seeing the crew. She is their ruler. She knows they wouldn't dare harm a hair on her lovely head.

Perhaps the captain is a disgraced noble. That would qualify him to marry her, tho she loses her title. She could choose to and thwart her parents plan.

Perhaps crew morale gets so low, a mutiny occurs. The men take the ship. And the princess becomes ransomed to acquire wealth.

Perhaps things are even more twisted. The captain loses his self control. Her beauty is irresistible. Maybe she kills him. This is her ship. This is her crew. They are compelled to obey her.

Jul 22nd 2021 11:54

Story dilemma

Chelsey replied to Chelsey's topic

So, I need fresh eyes on this problem I am having to try and solve. I cant seem to figure it out. It's going to take alot of thought, I think. Want to help? Need opinions.

The setting is a retro-future, fictional world, where if people want to live safely, they live in giant, city sized airships. The ground is a hostile wasteland with mutants, raiders, radiation zones, enemy governments vying for control of territory.

Areas of the wasteland do produce food. Governments do exist on ground level, militaries, some sort of economy in a dystopian world that is slowly, painfully turning to ash.

The airship anchors above an agricultural area to trade manufactured goods for grains and other basic foods that can only be grown on the ground. The four main characters in this story format roleplay depart the airship to spend time on the ground. But they get taken hostage by an armed terrorist group, desperate to get aboard the airship. They've already planted a bomb in the grain that got lifted into the airship and detonated, causing damage to the airship, fatalities. The terrorists demand a vehicle to get them aboard the airship, threatening to kill the main characters. From the roof of a building, the terrorists are dispatched, no longer a threat. But the airship hoists anchor and departs, leaving the main characters on the building as they watch their airship home leave them behind.

Here is the problem. I have to keep the main characters on the ground, somehow. For what is to stop an air vehicle from the airship that could simply pick the stranded characters up? Or, what is to stop the characters from hiring a vehicle on the ground that could deliver them to the airship? Could be a hostile government transfer of power that declares martial law? A military policy that grounds all air traffic in the event of terrorist activity? Ground-to-air missile launchers. I dunno. Short of ignoring this simple solution to the dilemma, there has to be a plausible reason to keep them from being rescued. It has to make sense.

Jul 15th 2021 15:16

Random thought,

Chelsey replied to Lucario's topic

I'm starting to get that, too. Hmm. Questions unanswered.

I settled on a roleplay format where now it's a story. I write it, partner reads it. I have to keep the story moving. If I dont, I'm just sitting here waiting. It works, so it's good.

Jul 15th 2021 14:40

DISCUSSION: being God?

Chelsey replied to c13x12cl2i2o4's topic

If we are each gods, who do we guide, who serves us? When we need guidance, who do we turn to?

With the internet comes all knowledge. Every truth, every lie, everything important enough to type out or record is right here. Do we still feel like we are nothing?

Jul 2nd 2021 12:49