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Strange Lands

Character replied to LegendaryDalamadur's topic

(Trying to keep this alive)

After Liúsaidh finish her simple breakfast, she put on some nicer clothes (her usual dark cloak over a green tunic and a belt) and wondered what she would do today. Maybe clean up, look after the baby birds, recollect mushrooms... Aha! She remembered the complex object those human travalers gave her. Something called a calendar, to help her organize and keep check of time. If she was using it correctly, it appeared to be "shopping day". Restocking in the human city! How exciting!
It had been over some time, maybe months, years or centuries, since she last went to the city, she didn't remembered.

With a newly found purpose for the day, she took a purse of coins and a basket. She stepped out of the house, her little nimble quick steps startled the animals sleeping outside the cabin. Without stopping, she said "Sorry, dears! I'll see you later!" to the creatures. Her clothes and jewerly did not weigh at all and moved to her rythim, the only thing she thought that could be strange enough, was her long dark hair behind her.

But none of that matter now. She was outside the walls of the city.Excited to see how much had the city change. But nonetheless, she had to be cautious, so she put on her hood and stick to the shadows. She could swear humans were always changing things and growing larger and larger. She was amazed by the grand number of shops she had seen. But she hadn't enter to any of them, not yet.

The streets seemed to be almost empty this early in the morning, that was, until she found a young lady and a little boy waving at her. Aw, children, no time not see. She stepped closer, as friendly as she could. "Hello, kids. Beautiful morining, isn't it?" she said with a warm smile.

Sep 4th 2018 00:03

Destiny rp!

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(Thank you so much! Sorry for the inconvenience :c I'll delete the rest of the comments including this one once you answer)

Sep 3rd 2018 23:21

Destiny rp!

Character replied to Jabberwock's topic

She smiled at her, but couldn’t help but notice her heavy exo-prosthetic leg. That must have been quite a story. But maybe for another time. She gave The Tower and the old Titan one last look before heading to her respective ship. She feared to lose more memories. “Yup, let’s roll” she said excited.

Once everyone was ready to go, they headed to the Buried City on Mars. A guardian reported sightings of goddamn Cabal and Psion troops, so they were going to scout the area and do a little cleaning.
The sight from her ship was amazing and mesmerizing. And the presence of her Guardian companions comforted her. How could Aliens and Humans make this a war zone? But then, where did she stood? She wasn’t exactly alien, and even less human. No one knew what the awoken were. But at the end, she -all the Guardians- were nothing but the Traveler’s zombies. She couldn’t contain a snicker. Tcht. How ironic.

“Landing in 45 seconds” she said to her companions on her mic.

Sep 3rd 2018 23:20

Destiny rp!

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(Yup. Sorry. I hadn’t noticed. I posted it hours ago :C I’ll try and see if something else works)

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Destiny rp!

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