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Animal, vegetable, and mineral.

In a deep underground secret cave a spelunker discovers a missing link creature part animal, part vegetable and part mineral. It has growing vines that trap her and are the strength of steel. It is curious about her and won't let her go. Does she escape? Does he let her go? Do they continue with her bound?

Sep 17th 2021 10:06


You wife almost electrocuted you in the bathroom. She has no memory but when you check her past, her mother killed her father.and she died in prison. She swears she is not trying to kill you but more incidents happen. Her defense is a loss of memory. after psychiatric study, She enters an institution. is it amnesia or is she dangerous? Do you let her come home without instituting preventive measures?

Sep 9th 2021 16:05

I just saw myself drive by

F/F walking down the street, you see yourself drive by in your car. As the car heads out of sight ,you hear a crash. You investigate and watch yourself critically injured , loaded in an ambulance and headed to a hospital. Plot twists ahead.

Sep 1st 2021 15:26

Amnesia epidemic

Suddenly more and more people are suffering from total amnesia. When two of them meet , they wonder if someone is causing it and how are they doing it? The infection spreads. More clueless people more problems.

Aug 10th 2021 15:23

hello people of

Bulletproofrevolver replied to Underworld's topic

Talking to yourself online? Definitely batsh*t crazy!

Jul 6th 2021 11:27