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The Forest 1x1

Benji099 replied to jacques's topic

I love this idea, I sent you a friend request if you want to RP.

Apr 12th 2019 08:59

Seeking a partner for a literate roleplay.

Benji099 replied to -Apollyon-'s topic

I love midieval themes, and I like the storyline you created. I sent you a request if you want to roleplay

Apr 12th 2019 08:54

Another Search

Benji099 replied to sesamoid's topic

I would be really interested in doing one of those ideas with you, I specifically like darker fantasy themes so that may be fun.

Apr 12th 2019 07:31

Hi everyone!

Benji099 replied to Benji099's topic

What's up, I'm new here but i've roleplayed for some time now. Always looking for new rp partners or groups so feel free to send me a request. I like action, fantasy, romance, dark suspensful violent things, a lot lol

Apr 11th 2019 11:19


Benji099 replied to theWorst_of_ThemAll's topic

Hi! I know this post is a little old but welcome and i'm open to rp.

Apr 11th 2019 11:17