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A hate account was just made about me. AMA

Bad_End_Roleplay replied to Bad_End_Roleplay's topic

As the title said. I have been honoured with yet another hate account so you can AMA (ask me anything)

The account in question of course is:

Made by the lonely user:
(He changes his name s lot but I can always find him)

Anyway ask me anything :D

Jan 29th 2024 09:52

This company is beginning to pander to liberals.

Bad_End_Roleplay replied to TheKindReaper's topic

So if this company panders to the liberals and the gays, how come they didn't do sh*t during pride month.
No mention of it, no gay capitalism "pride month premium sale, get 1+1 for free with this GAY offer."

None of that. They literally don't care. Just because they allow gay people on here don't mean they be pandering to liberals.

And I'm not acting special or anything, I clearly have a different opinion but like all of you, don't matter if you're left or right, you people can't handle when someone else has a different view of things hence why you blocked me. You don't block anyone else because most people just give one reply, you god defend yourself with multiple paragraphs and move on to the next person that replies.

Unlike me who keeps coming back. Did I throw insults with calling you a zealot. Yes

Sep 17th 2023 06:13

This company is beginning to pander to liberals.

Bad_End_Roleplay replied to TheKindReaper's topic

He's afraid of me, how cute

Sep 6th 2023 08:00

This company is beginning to pander to liberals.

Bad_End_Roleplay replied to TheKindReaper's topic

Also nice job blocking me. Can't win an argument so you block me in an attempt to have your reply be hidden from me. Nice try Zealot.

Kinda ironic calling me and others the tool of the devil while you're a tool yourself. Calling everyone a tool of the devil because they don't be following the radical beliefs that your parents pushed into your head from birth.

Jesus' overall teachings and example, he emphasized love, compassion, and the inclusion of all people. Jesus consistently reached out to those who were marginalized, oppressed, or considered societal outcasts. He showed acceptance and grace to those who were labeled as sinners and prioritized love and mercy over judgment.
While yes "the gay" people were never mentioned by Jesus, it isn't far fetched to think he would extend his kindness towards them as well.

Jun 14th 2023 02:05

This company is beginning to pander to liberals.

Bad_End_Roleplay replied to TheKindReaper's topic

Christianity is a diverse religion with a wide range of interpretations and beliefs. The ability to interpret religious teachings is inherent in the practice of any religion, including Christianity. Christians have been engaging in interpretation throughout history, leading to the development of various denominations, traditions, and theological perspectives.

Within Christianity, individuals and communities engage in study, reflection, prayer, and dialogue to understand and interpret the teachings of the Bible.

While there may be core beliefs and principles that are generally accepted across Christian denominations, there is room for personal interpretation and understanding of religious texts. This recognition of interpretation is based on the understanding that humans have different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives that shape their understanding of religious teachings.

It is important to note that interpretation comes with the responsibility to approach it with humility, openness to differing viewpoints, and a commitment to seeking truth and understanding. Engaging in respectful dialogue with others who hold different interpretations can contribute to a deeper understanding of one's own beliefs and foster mutual respect and learning.

Ultimately, the ability to interpret religious teachings is an integral part of practicing any religion, including Christianity, and it allows individuals to find personal meaning and application in their faith.

Jun 13th 2023 02:26