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MxM >> Gore - romance - survival - [email protected]*re th

Aoi-Saito replied to Aoi-Saito's topic

Looking for a roleplay partner.

Muse A is a detective that was involved in an investigation where more and more people were being found, murdered in some of the most gruesome ways.
One day, Muse A heard a clash in their house, a window breaking; Muse A went to check it out to see who or what broke into their house, just to end up blacking out after a warm and hard thud on the back of their head.
Muse A woke up on the floor in the middle of a big livingroom with a lot of strangers sitting around him, one of them being Muse B, a rather creepy boy covered in bandages, scars and fresh cuts; this boy took immediate interest in muse B, especially once he noticed that Muse A was the famous detective who was known for his fortune and brains.
Muse A quickly noticed something being very off in this household as all the people living here all looked very scarred, almost dead even. Muse A would attempt to escape the house, but it never seemed to work out or he would've been caught again, ending up in the same livingroom, over and over again.
At first Muse A thought of Muse B as a creepy kid who couldn't talk, a troubled kid really; until Muse B starts to show interest in the boy, revealing how disturbed their lives really are.

-> this roleplay may include [email protected]*re themes like gxre, stxlking, abxse, rxpe and txrture.
-> Muse B is a submissive masochist, wanting to get txrtured
-> Musa A is an arrogant man with a dark side that developed to take over more and more over the time

- I want to try out to be Muse B
- I only like roleplays that take time and show visible character development
- Please write at least a few descriptive paragraphs, I understand if sometimes you cannot write more than one or two paragraphs
- Help me put adventure and action in the roleplay, I don't want to feel like the only person that puts in the effort!

(Add me as friend and message me if interested! I will be more descriptive about my OC in our inbox!)

Nov 22nd 2021 16:33