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Rules and basic information

Alwaysthevillain replied to Alwaysthevillain's topic


Thank you for clicking on this, I’ll be sure to keep this as short as possible though I feel it’s necessary to do this so people understand what I’m all about before just trying to start a rp.

1- about me
Look I prefer to stay discreet and rather anonymous. You can call me z but let me just say now-
-no I don’t want to voice roleplay or chat
-no I don’t want to send pictures
-no I’m not looking for a relationship in real life

2- responses
I absolutely cannot respond to just a sentence or two from someone. I’m in-depth, and love writing, but that also doesn’t mean I’m expecting a book back from you. Respond what your comfortable with, but it at least has to be a paragraph or more.
I also am a full time student and work multiple jobs. I can not always respond within a day, if I don’t in about four it’s alright to start poking at me

3- romance and so on
Let me get it out some of my characters are a specific sexuality and no matter how much you try it’s not going to change. Don’t try to change them.
I play any sort of relationship but I’m not keen on m x f mainly because from personal experience.

4- limits
I’m very open to violence, trauma and so on. But if your uncomfortable with something tell me straight up, other wise I won’t know. Most of my characters are deeply developed and some have realistic mental issues, traumas and health problems. I don’t like to shy away and make absolutely everything lovely and cutesy. Nor sexy and like some type of hentai and or yaoi.
I don’t like to always take forever in a slow burn but none of my characters are going to just fall for someone.
That being said I’m open to many things, but don’t just assume I’m into whatever you might want to throw in. /warn/ me, I can’t always pick up on hints
Lastly.... don’t try to make any of my characters bimbos... just don’t, Ive had bad experiences here with that.

5- roleplay itself
I’m typically third person aside from creative libertys.
I like many plots and worlds, don’t be shy to character build with me
Most importantly don’t be afraid to speak up. If your bored just tell me so we can change something up. It’s not going to hurt my feelings

Dec 7th 2019 02:30