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floatinginspace's Blog

~ * Aika Tanaka * ~

Name: Aika Tanaka
Pronunciation: (i - kuh , tan - Ah - kuh)
Hero Name: Elementress
Age: 16/17
Sex: Female
Eye Color: Blue-ish Purple
Hair Color: Pink


(Fits with MHA rp)


Quirk : Elemental Swords
Aika has the ability to create swords from the elemental environments, such as: water, fire, earth, and air. Without physically touching her opponents, she’s able to shoot strikes of each element, such as: flames, ice/water, air/wind pressure, and growth of poisonous plants.
Special Moves: Aether Strike - used as her last resort, related to the spiritual element, allows her to stun multiple opponents in her line of view for 24 hours.


Strengths: If she is hit with any Quirk that relates to her element, it’ll feed into her own, making her Quirk stronger. For example, if Shoto Todoroki were to hit her with either his fire or ice side, she’ll feed into it. The fire will help her fire sword, and the ice will help her water sword.


Weaknesses: Using multiple elemental swords may decrease her stamina extremely. Her elemental power may only last 15-20 minutes each. This allows her to switch in between attacks, but her stamina lowers.


Personality: Aika is very timid and quiet. She enjoys the outdoors, meditating, and being surrounded by positive energies. She is down-to-earth and very humble. She doesn’t usually like being the center of attention; in extreme cases, this causes her to have panic attacks. She is reserved, but enjoys listening to others.


Family: Aika was born into a middle-class family. Her father, Kenta Tanaka bore the Swords Quirk. Her mother, Mariko Tanaka bore the Elemental Quirk. She is an only child, after her mother suffered a miscarriage of her baby brother.


Biography: Aika Tanaka was born into the beautiful town of Musutafu, Japan. All her life, she wanted to be a pro-hero and make her family proud. Although her parents had strong quirks, only her father was considered one of the Pro Heroes. Aika was blessed with the Elemental Swords quirk, which allowed her to create/form swords by the use of all 4 elements of matter. Since she was a little girl, she always had trouble with speed and accuracy with her quirk. She struggled with switching in between her swords, without baring two at a time. This caused her great stamina loss, which at point caused her to sleep for 4 days straight to recharge.

As she got older, she focused the majority of her time practicing control, speed, accuracy, and power. All her targeted practice seemed to pay off when she was enrolled into UA High School under recommendations. However, there is one other element that she has yet to control; aether, the spiritual element. Although she familiarized herself and her body with it, she needed extra help on how to use it. She quickly made friends with the girls of Class 1-A, but was too shy to be around or even speak to the boys. Although, one may have caught her attention.
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~ * Scarlett Dreamheart * ~

Name: Scarlett Dreamheart
Title: Queen of Mischief
Nickname(s): Scar
Age: 18
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Multi
Sex: Female


Personality: Scarlett is known to be very mischievious, casting wicked spells and plans. Although, once upon a time, she was the most gentle and out-going, her drastic change made her to be introverted and evil. She has a narcissistic attitude, which compliments her nastiness and rudness. Not to mention, she is fluent in sarcasm.


Abilities: With her trusty septor, she is able to cast a sleeping spell to those who are in her line of sight. Not only can she make others fall into a coma-like sleep, she can also control dreams, altering them into their darkest fears and into nightmares that seem impossible to wake up from. Her septor also allows her to change her form into someone's most desirable person, someone who is considered a "true love". The only way to break the spells casted by her septor is simple; to be sprayed by water from the Enchanted River which lies in a deep forest. Yet no one knows of it's direct location.


Family: father, his royal heiness King William Dreamheart ; mother, her royal heiness Queen Amary Dreamheart ; younger sister, Princess Cressida Dreamheart


Biography: Scarlett was born Scarlett Mae Dreamheart, into a royal family who ruled the Land of Alynthi. Coming in as first born, this brought her to be first in line for the throne after her father. Growing up was like a fairytale, attending balls, socializing, and dressing up in poofy gowns. Cressida and Scarlett were the best of friends, never really putting each other above the other. Her family were sworn believers in the good, believing that everyone loved in good spirits and without any bad. Crime rate in Alynthi never spiked more than 1%. Everyone lived in harmony and peace.

However, Scarlett had bit of a rebellious side. She was often caught sneaking out with other royals, skipping out on her royal mandatory duties, and pouncing around the dungeon's depths where all wicked items were kept locked. This hadn't sat well with the King and Queen. When the time came for her father to renounce his throne, Scarlett was passed up by her youngest sister Cressida. This sent her into a huge rage of jealousy and hatred towards her sister and the royal family. During the coronation, Scarlett ran away, only to grab the key to the forbidden items, stealing the septor and spellbook.

She changed everything about herself, sworing she would name herself the Queen of Mischief. As time passed, she created an island, Vepesia, for the bad spirits and souls of those who were kept in a facade for way to long. She ruled among the wicked and castdowns. She kept herself hidden in her own land, casting a magic barrier around her land, causing it to be invisible to the human eye. Scarlett now lives in her own form of peace... being free to be wicked as she can be.
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~ * Cassandra * ~

Name: Cassandra Lopez
Nickname: Cassie, Cas
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Race: Other
Ethnicitiy: Hispanic/Latina
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black


Personality: Cassie is known to be very goofy and outgoing. Her energetic persona makes it easy for her to make friends. She is quite the extrovert, loving being the center of attention. Although she may come off as being a stuck-up, Cassie is a sweetheart and very genuine. She enjoys helping others, especially her mom with housework. Aside from her bubbly personality, Cassie is also intelligent. She doesn't like to brag about it much, but she has made the honor roll quite a few times.


Family: Her family consists of her mother, step-father, and two siblings: one older and one younger.



Cassie was born Cassandra Fiore Lopez in the small village of Guerrero, Mexico. Although she was very young when she left, Cassie remembers her family's struggles to make ends meet. Eventually, her parents decided it was in their best interest to come into America.
Upon crossing the border, Cassie's father was killed for illegally coming into the states. When the news reached, it tore her family apart. Evidently, her mother pushed her pain aside and decided to contact a cousin who had already been living in the states as a resident. He granted them a federal invitation, and were finally able to come.

Throughout the many years, her family was able to pass and obtain legal residency in the United States. Cassie and David began to attend school, learning English along the way. In what felt like almost in an instant, her mother eventually found someone and remarried. Cassie, at the time being 10, was forced to move from their Arizona home, to another state for the sake of her mother's new marriage. Cassie was not a fan.

She hated her step-father the minute he came into the picture. Cassie wasn't stupid; she knew the way he treated her mom wasn't right. He was physically and verbally abusive. Although, she was almost never around to see it happen, she noticed her mother change and the scars that were surface on her body. At one point, Cassie has stepped in and yelled at him to stop. It was then, that he had placed a hand on her, smacking her across the face, threatening her that if she ever spoke about it, he wouldn't hesitate to do worse.

Now, at 18 years old, Cassie is preparing herself for college. Although her personality was as bright as the sun, behind closed doors, hell creeped over her like a dark cloud. She remains focused and determined to leave her damaged home as quickly as she could.
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- New Profile Update -

Hi everyone!

So I have finally decided to turn this into a multi-character account. I would like to express myself instead of limiting myself to just one.
Also, I have noticed I've been playing other characters recently, some of which I made up on the spot. They will be available soon to RP with. Hopefully this can open my RP to others, since you won't be limited either to just one character with me.

I will continue to have Uraraka under my list of characters, and preferably my profile picture. I just love her character and personality.

This profile is going to take a bit of a turn with new edits and background, so just bare with me if things seem out of order.

Thanks guys!! :)
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About Me (irl)

For those who are curious, I'm going to be giving some facts about myself. I will not do a face reveal or reveal my real name.


Name: Jai (pronounced Jay)
DOB: 11/16
Age: 17
Sign: Scorpio
Height: 4'10"
Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latin
Nationality: Peruvian
High School: Senior Year
Sport: Soccer
Relationship: Happily Taken


Still curious? Ask! I don't mind!
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