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(Laurie Strode)
18 / Female / Single
Haddonfield, Illinois - United States
—•Born as Cynthia Myers, the youngest out of three children, Judith and Micheal. At two years old on Halloween night, Judith was murdered by six year old Micheal. Soon their parents met their fate and crashed in an automobile accident. Cynthia was fostered in by Pamela and Morgan Strode, thus Laurie Strode was born, having her name changed. Laurie soon forgot all about her original family, since she supposedly died along in the accident with her parents. This was to protect her identity and to not be involved with Judith and Micheal’s incident. Laurie is a shy girl and isn’t very outgoing, though she has a small group of friends. She also takes up a part time job as a babysitter.—

*Rules and additional information will be here or in a blog very soon.*

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