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(Emma Cloud)
22 / Female / Single
New York, New York - United States
Not new to the site, just new account. Be patient while I finish customizing, adding characters, and generally sort everything out ~~~

I don’t usually add my characters to my blog, I like to create OCs based on the plot. The characters in my blog are currently in use for certain roleplays, so don’t assume I only write fantasy/sci fi based off just those few displayed.

I don’t write one liners, I write stories. Request first, message first. I’ll try to be on often but I have a life too so don’t get upset if I only respond once or twice a day <333 I only do OCs, but I’m ok role playing in a fandom universe if you really wanna

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Today is my last Super Busy Day so I should be back on replies this weekend, thanks for being patient! It’s been a super busy week, I think for most of us :))
Mood: drained
4  Oct 21st 2020 21:32

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