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18 / Other / Single
United Kingdom
☀ Semi-Selective ☀
☁ Literate/Detailed Responses ☁
❄ Romance:Horror:Fantasy:Supernatural ❄
♥ Multi-Character ♥
♛ Soft/Submissive Characters ♛
❀ Male:Female:More Characters ❀

On this profile, I'm pretty flexible.
I'm open to a lot of different types of
genres, plots and verses.
I mostly do soft and submissive type
characters, though I can play a more
dominant person if it's absolutely
necessary, unless I personally suggest
I will be pretty selective with whoever I add,
please don't take it personal. I'm fine with most lengths,
except for one-liners.
Dark themes, or N/SFW can be include in plots. As I've said,
I'm a pretty open person, so it's unlikely something will put
me off, unless I mention it.

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Thank you for accepting. Message me sometime!
Feb 20th 2019 03:59