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(casi fae)
33 / Female / Single
Tennessee - United States
{{{{{ my profile is a work in progress. character details coming soon! }}}}

{{{ also, i do type in all lowercase as i feel it reflects my nature but, if it bothers you i can change it when we chat np, just let me know. }}}

hey everyone!

i'm new to this site but, i'm not new to rp. i don't have much experience with certain types of rp like combat or super-natural but, i'm a quick learner. there are a lot of rp ideas out there that i haven't tried but seem like a lot of fun, i just don't know anyone to try them with.

i am also flexible with the rp length and style just as long as i feel everyone is putting in equal effort and input.

i am versatile when it comes to my characters and their personality types as i enjoy exploring different aspects of my own personality. any o.c. i create tends to be a specific piece of my own personality that has been extracted and sometimes multiplied. i also tend to feed off of people with strong personalities.

i love to learn new things so even if you are into something i'm not into please don't let that stop you from messaging me. like i said before there are a lot of different rp types that i haven't explored so it may just be that i'm not into what you're into... yet. i'm not promising anything because i do have my limits but, i'm not gonna judge yours so it can't hurt to ask.

i am very interested in joining a group rp as that's something i've never been fortunate enough to be a part of. :(

fantasy, psychological, historical, sci-fi, midevil, or whatever genre you like i am willing to try as long as the plot and action is fun and engaging. i love meeting different people with new and unique characters. i am totally open to rp with any race, creed, cast, species, nationality, or whoever/whatever is out there just as long as we communicate well.

i am definitely into romance of course but, that's not all i'm here for so if you're here for romance just know; i'm into it but, there has to be something more to it story-wise. also, because i base all of my original characters off exaggerations of my own personality and traits they are all straight females like me, however...

>>> it DOES NOT matter to me AT ALL what your preference is and you should feel free to message me regardless because i am a nice person and i would be happy to rp with anyone cool and interesting no matter your preference! <<<

i hope this is enough info to get you interested in messaging me because i can't wait to find a good rp partner or group!

thanks for making it this far!!!

muchluv2u :)

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Q. discord?
A. i still don't have one yet sorry. i will make it tonight and get familiar cause i've never used it before. sorry i'm slow.
 Dec 2nd 2021 00:26

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