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21 / Female / Single
✿ Oh, sweet love… didn’t you know?…

you’re killing me slowly. ✿

◤ Greetings, my sweet doves. It’s a pleasure to have you all here. There isn’t much to put here, other then my basic rules.

Roleplaying wise I can do any genre, and I prefer my partners to have replies consisting of at least a paragraph or more. I will roleplay female characters, and I will do mxf, fxf, and fxnb.

There are basic rules I have. One is to not beg for replies. I have a life, I can’t entertain you every second. Another one is one liners and god modders are a no go for me.

I will always try to reply to people on the site. But, I do have a very busy and lively outside life that will love to get into the way of things. Motivation may even be a factor in where I’ll disappear a bit but I promise I’ll be right back around.

I am very laid back. I want to keep it that way please. ◢

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