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dummy's Blog

⁺ ˚★♡★˚ ⁺

You gave me permission to mess around on your account, so...yeah.

I'm here to be f***ing sappy.

So here we go.

I really value the times and conversations we've had together. That including the initial roleplay, the banter in between and the proper, almost hour long conversations we have now. Apart from helping me with things like fleshing out Seán as a proper character (y'know, taking him from a pretty super shallow twink of a character to an a slightly sweet, sarcastic a**hole.), your advice and encouragement really has helped me in the past couple of days. And I mean that.

Even if you want to go on about how you're not good for me, I heavily disagree. You tell me I should go outside and meet other people. Darling, I already do that, I just don't make out with someone at each location or do anything that would be worth mentioning. If I didn't actually enjoy interacting with you, I would've blocked you already. Trust me, I don't hesitate that much when it comes to that. This isn't anything new.

You're probably one of the most important and significant people I've met on this website in all the years I've spent on it, and I'm really thankful to have the privilege to talk and joke around you someone as great as you. Though you probably already knew that, cocky bastard. * ⁺ ˚

But yeah, that's pretty much it. This probably looks very weird to anyone who isn't familiar with the situation, but whatever. They're not entitled to my feelings.

Have a good day, take care of yourself, try and be happy, cause there's someone here that is going to both feverishly ask you if you're okay and worry too much about your well-being even if there's nothing going on. You're probably cringing by now, I know feelings aren't your thing, but whatever.

I love you, and I appreciate your existence. ♡
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1 | 0 Comments | Nov 4th 2019 11:24

Your pet wants you to know...

Y'know when you came out as the world's most closeted slut? Yeah.
You're great though.
And I happen to think you're an incredible person.
So please don't forget that.
Kay I'm going to stop bothering your account.
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2 | 0 Comments | Oct 31st 2019 08:41