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(Meredith Grey)
26 / Female / Single
Seattle , Washington - United States
I like when people talk to me.
I love making new friends and I always am respectful, so please respect me too.
I talk to you with any problem, so if you wanna talk just dm me.

I'm single and I really like adventures.
If you came here with the intuitive of complaining or be a negative person just please don't bother me.

I'm a nice person and I like to help people, it kind of is my job so... yeah
This is me.

Latest Comments

umm we can do something where Hailey gets hurt on her modeling job and she's gets sent to the hospital or something that is if you like to do that :)
Dec 28th 2019 12:28

Awesome what kind of plot would you like to do?
Dec 28th 2019 11:12

Hello thank you so much for accepting my request my name is Hailey a model and with Justin Bieber :) looking forward to roleplaying with you and becoming a really great friends :)
Dec 27th 2019 18:25