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dreamcatcherforlife's Blog


hello any body looking to rp?
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Logan DreamCatcher

hello my main character is Logan Dreamcatcher

looks like: either 5 foot 6 or 5 foot 4, she has brown long curly hair either set down or in pig tails, she has dark brown eyes unless playing a different genre, she's very pale skin and dresses in pink dresses like my profile picture or wears clothes resembling the style of lolitia.

possible abilities: normally I would have her be a shape shifter of animal and mythical creatures, but depending on the genre she can be a demon a cat or a werewolf....

personality: she's generally shy and is very anxious around ppl she has a big heart and is extremely caring can get carried away some time due to her emotions... she also is very strong in the things she belives in... once again she may have different traits added to her depending on the genre ...

background: original background unless changed by genre.... she has been to hell as a child and was able to esecape still not knowing how, all she knows is that she has been abused by other ppl her age for not understanding her and freaking out when she transforms ; in some cases she may not be able to fully transform or even know what she is . her parents or parent are abusive and are not usally shifters like her... she deeply wants a friend but can be really stuborn or extremely emotional about herself and finding the right friend.

( things that can poision humans or any types of animals cant posion her or kill her she is amuine to posion but if she drinks a certain amount of it she becomes drunk.)
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