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(Logan Dreamcatcher)
21 / Female / In a Relationship
Rhode Island - United States
my name is Logan Dream catcher, I'm 20 and if you would like to me play as some one younger I have no problem amd I'm up for a new adventure awaits me !

Also a big part of me don’t add me unless ur planing to rp with me if u just wanna add me cuz u can ... well it’s kinda stupid... I made this account so I can roleplay with new ppl and when I get close to them maybe talk to them hear and there but if ur just adding me to add me please don’t !! Thank you !!

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RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. yeah I did lol
 Sep 29th 2017 21:15

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Nothing happened I was just so busy these few days working going to SC and all that
Nov 19th 2017 20:04

Oh sh*t sorry I was in Sourh Carolina and sh*t happened I'll get right on it
Nov 19th 2017 19:53

Little huh?
Nov 14th 2017 17:33

I found the picture for the squirrel with pancakes and will add it to my photos. Thanks!
Nov 2nd 2017 21:36

Hey back at ya
Nov 2nd 2017 08:57

Yeah, sorry for that. I can get on that.
Oct 18th 2017 06:27

I mean of course
Oct 16th 2017 23:30