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(kotoko utsugi)
117 / Female / Single
cry, baby - United States
Hello! Thank you for looking at my profile! Heres a bit about me!

Mun and muse are minors
Mun prefers adoption themed rps
All of the rps contain triggering themes.
We play all different kinds of characters from humans to cats.
Multi para only please

your a pedo :/
your homophobic/transphobic
your into beastiality
traumacore hater (i wont post it but these people tick me off)
age regression hater
your an age player
your also in the danganronpa fandom. or the sams fandom

Characters i can play:

Kotoko utsugi (danganronpa)
Nagisa shingetsu (danganronpa)
Masaru diamon (danganronpa)
Maki harukawa (danganronpa)
moon (fnaf / sams)
Lunar (sams)
Bloodmoon (sams)

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happy birthday natsumi!
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