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(papa daddy)
53 / Male / Single
Arizona - United States
loves my daughter Melly

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Latest Status

my hand is tired. does anyone want to help me out.
Mood: aroused
0  Mar 12th 2023 20:34

Latest Comments

Hi :) no not upset just had been busy. I'll reply soon
Mar 12th 2023 16:07

sorry sir, i will reply soon
Mar 11th 2023 23:29

Yeah let's skip over that
Mar 9th 2023 19:45

It did get a bit too far, yes. I needed a break from that. Sorry for not telling you. Didn't want to seem like a wimp. Just not too comfortable with that
Mar 9th 2023 19:25

Awww babes! I may be sleeping by that time but I will try to be online for you ❤️ love is a drug. Makes sense you're addicted
Mar 8th 2023 19:58

I do? Going!
Mar 2nd 2023 10:12

I miss you too!!
Mar 1st 2023 10:12

I'm so sorry I thought I replied. I've missed you so much!
Feb 13th 2023 19:38

Your the best father I could ever have...I'm addicted
Jan 16th 2023 10:43

I'll send it your way Pappa (⁠◕⁠દ⁠◕⁠)
Jan 11th 2023 10:25