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(Diona Katlein)
13 / Female / Forever Alone
???, Germany
Go kitty
Go kitty
Go kitty

Just ride kitty
ride kitty
ride kitty

Auto Accept is on, I'll respond when I have a chance.
But I am up for anything!

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Latest Status

lots of cat girls are here now... coming in and stepping on mY TEEEEEEEEEERRRFFF!!!! FAACKKK OOOOOOOFFFFF
1  3 hours ago

Latest Questions

Q. How are you
A. oh im fine how are you
 Sep 1st 2022 11:05

RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. woo hoo!
 Aug 7th 2022 06:52

Latest Comments

-poke forehead- chu~ I miss you, I hope you are OK and well.. I truly do care.
Sep 20th 2022 23:43

-makes sounds at her-
Sep 17th 2022 21:31

I meant baby like as in small or younger? Ya know?
Sep 16th 2022 20:58

=2=; i... uhm
Mmmm, that's an plot hole..uhm, I imagine that an two year hilichurl would be equal to an 5 year old human child since hilichurls would need to know all the basics in the wild plus they are monsters, I imagine there development is faster or aging is slower compared to humans?
Sep 15th 2022 20:09

Hey, I can wait, I've sent the pm, boss lady
Sep 13th 2022 22:08