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16 / Male / Single
Missouri - United States
Hallo, call me Zeige, please!
I hope you don't mind but i'm just going to get started on my roleplay info, I just want to keep this bio straightforward, i'm sorry

Like everyone else here, I'm on this site to roleplay and possibly make friends. However, if you'd just like to be friends and talk, rather than roleplaying, I welcome that with wide-open arms! ^__^

I've been roleplaying for a long time, so I like to think i've gotten better, but i'm still aware I have a long way to go if I want to write longer replies and works, so please, don't be alarmed if I give you a reply that's longer than usual

Unfortunately, like many others, I'm a selective adder and acceptor, the two main reasons being that I'm doing as many roleplays as I can handle and I may not be interested in roleplaying with you at the moment, but don't shy away from sending another request after a while! My interest may have changed or maybe i'm done with a roleplay

I enjoy one-on-one roleplays and prefer doing them for personal reasons. I'll still try to do a group roleplay though! I can't guarantee it'll work, though, i'm sorry :[

Being a dummy that won't take a lot of things serious when writing, I throw in some scenes that make me giggle, like Character A shows Character B the worst song possible that they made, a prideful look of glee takes up A's face, their eyes closed as they tap their foot, nodding their head along to the non-existing beat. Unaware of B's face, mouth gaping open, squinting at A, with their eyebrow raised

I might add more and or change this, but for now, its staying the way it is, i'm too tired to change it

Let's end this off with a link to my directy blog! :] :

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