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19 / Male / Its Complicated
your mom., Rhode Island - United States
hello and welcome to my page.i do hope you enjoy your stay here. i want to put a warning before you are to dm with a request to roleplay. though i do soft and wholesome stories, i also do rather dark themes. do let me know if you have any triggers or limits and i will make sure to leave those out when we talk.

Feel free to privately message me with any questions, i’m always up to answer them. and do be aware i’m up to practically anything, so weather you be female, male, nonbinary, and anything in between, i am always free and willingly happy to roleplay with you no matter the circumstances.

im looking to add a list of characters, ocs, and people i can roleplay as so you all have a list of people to chose. and do know i mainly only do male characters. its incredibly rare for me to play a female character due to personal reasons.

with all this in mind, enjoy your stay.