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27 / Female / In a Relationship
United Kingdom
Please read my rules here:

I like mainly romance roleplays which can include Fantasy (from sci-fi to medieval) elements, horror, mystery and the like. I have several OCs and I can create one if none of them suits you.

I'm switch so I can play dom and sub but also male or female. Currently I'm looking to play sub as I have been playing dom for quite a while but I won't say no to some good plot.

Some shoutouts:

@Kaimoni One of my first roleplay partners, don't be fooled by his young age. He is a simply amazing writer, funny and does art too. He will give you plot, ideas and good content and overall I'm really happy that I'm still roleplaying with him after nearly an year of doing so.

@Crion A genius, he has an extensive character list but they are all interesting and unique on their own way. Thank you very much for being my friend throughout your accounts and for helping me creating new and interesting characters. And for putting up with my sh*tty moody swings too.

@cloverseer You should go for this person if you are looking for good plots with mature content. Minors not accepted so please keep that in mind! She's lovely and whenever we talk I really enjoy

@Sabella2Kira Again another amazing roleplayer, she has great plots and her writing is amazing. Great friend too, thank you so so much

@Varen From my timezone wohoo! Or a bit later but still I love to roleplay with her. We always come up with engaging romantic plots, so you should go for her if you looking for that!

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Varen asked the question
Q. Why ain’t I on your list? ;-;
A. GASP I'll fix it!!!
 Jun 4th 2019 17:14

Q. Do you hate the gays?
A. Nah
 Nov 10th 2017 09:25

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Miss you, and hope to see you soon
Dec 17th 2019 20:29

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ <--- my love for you
Sep 8th 2019 16:21

Thanks for accepting ^^
Aug 22nd 2019 06:32

I'm free to now if you like. ^^
Nov 13th 2017 16:02

Hope we can RP.
Nov 13th 2017 15:47