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(Echo Lopez)
28 / Female / Single
United Kingdom
OOC: hey i am new but i am not new to roleplay i have just been away for a while and just starting to get back into it.
i am still working on ideas for a background for Echo, but please dont let that put you off wanting to roleplay or add. i like to roleplay with para plus where i can, i am open to any story lines

Name: Echo Lopez
Age: 15 to17
Gender: girl
Species; witch
Body Type: skinny
Appearance: long white hair
Naked, or clothed: clothed
(Only if clothed) Shirt: vest tops, shirts, dress
(Only if clothed) Bottoms: jeans , leggings, shorts, skirt
(Only if clothed) Barefooted, or Footwear: barefoot or flipflops
Work/Job/Hobby/Position: loves to sing and dance and reading
Hometown/City:anywhere, from space
Personality: can be childish, but then at times can seem grown up. she loves to laugh and smile and have fun
Likes: not sure
Dislikes: not sure
Backstory: she grow up on a space shuttle 81, i thinking to do her as princess kind of thing, and have it as she believes the government put all things magic up there. her ship was taken out and her mother save her and got her into the only pod there was and sent her to hide on earth.

// in time a full bio will be created for Echo, i may make this multi character, but i will see.
all of this is limited to change

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