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(Ariana Moreno)
18 / Female / Single
Miami, Florida - United States
we'll get thru this
we'll get past this
i'm a girl with a whole lotta baggage

RULES. //since no one reads them otherwise, lol.

-no oneliners, i only do para, multipara and novella.
-even if i come off as rude sometimes, ily. never my intention.
-text talk outside of roleplay? yuh. text talk while roleplaying? definitely not.
-good grammar is a must.
-don't be a creep. pls pls pls.
-it costs you nothing to be kind.
-nsfw is only fine if there's a storyline behind it.

IMPORTANT: seriously, if you ever need help, ever feel bad or just need someone to talk to, message me! idc if we don't know each other, i'll always be here to listen and help.

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u probably think that u are better now, better now
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Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. yuh.
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f***, this font looks even better ;-;
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