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19 / Male / Single
New York - Puerto Rico
☆ I’m not that new here, I’m just not very attached to this website. I’m pretty much down for anything as long as it’s not out of the ordinary.

☆ Some things about me is that I am autistic and tend to be somewhat clueless to certain things. It may take me a little bit longer than the average person to understand someone’s response especially if it contains sarcasm.

☆ You can call me puff or whatever nickname you can think of.

☆ I can be pretty shy so I won’t usually start the conversation until I feel more comfortable around you. I’m also trans ftm (female to male). I really like to draw things as well as write stories/books cause it’s fun. Almost all my oc’s will be drawn by me.

☆ I won’t always reply as fast due to me being a college student so i’ll have times where I won’t reply for a day or two, but I promise I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can. I also intentionally use lowercases when roleplaying and i mainly us oc’s.

☆ I don't rp with female characters, so don't insist, please and thank you.

☆ I mostly do MxM & MxNB and i’m fine with creepypasta role plays as well. I won’t do MxF or FxF, sorry.

☆ Anything that involves combat is a big fat no for me, I’m not good when it comes to action scenes such as physically fighting with guns, swords, etc.

☆ If you want my discord, feel free to ask. I don’t usually like roleplaying on here so I’ll appreciate it if we were to roleplay on that platform.

☆ Thank you very much for reading all of this. <3

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it’s so hard to find a rp partner that doesn’t just ghost you after they tell a plot or never respond.
Mood: sad
2  Dec 9th 2023 08:31

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