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Absence until end of March 2022

Hi all,

I did post a message before the New Year regarding my absence ranging from this month until the end of March, but it seems to have disappeared. So, I thought I would upload it on my blog instead to avoid any more disappearances and so you're all kept up to date.

I'm going to be slow with replies from now until around 24th March due to University and work commitments. My dissertation thesis is due for submission on the 23rd March, and once that is out of the way then I believe I will be much more available, as a lot of time is required to complete it.

Until that time, I will try and reply to everyone as much (and as quickly) as I can, but I cannot make any promises when it comes to giving a time-frame. I put a lot of passion into my writing and will not send a response that I think is not up to par.

With that being said, if you are impatient with replies then you may not wish to roleplay with me (or start a roleplay) until a later date - that's fine! However, I do ask for some lee-way for my situation, as I am always extremely fair with others with no complaint. Everyone has their own lives.

Thank you for taking the time to read :)
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1. No amateurs. Advanced only.
2. You must be age 18+ to role play with me.
3. Proper grammar is a must.
4. Well developed characters only.
5. I usually write up around 1000+ words per message and I expect this in return.
6. Third person perspective only, with "" used for speech.
7. Don't leave me to come up with the story line, I'd appreciate effort from you.
8. I'm all for spit-balling ideas with twists and turns! If you have any suggestions pop up please let me know, I'd love to hear your ideas!
9. I am open to romances but only after certain points in order to keep that sense of realism.
10. If for any reason you wish to stop the roleplay or you are unable to reply for a certain length of time, please let me know - I don't judge. Just don't leave me in the dark!

Other than that, feel free to message me! :)
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Zero Velarys

Name: Lord Zero Velarys
Titles: "Knight of the Realm", "High General of the Dawnguard", "Prince of Thorns", "Kinslayer", "Wielder of the Daedric Blades" and "Champion of Mehrunes Dagon".
Age: Frozen at 24, officially 72
Race: Nord Vampire
Occupation: Monster Hunter - Dawnguard's 2nd in command & High General
Height: 6ft 1"
Eyes: Blue (crimson & yellow when vampiric instincts triggered)
Hair: Brunette curls
Relatives: Deceased parents and twin sibling.
Weapons: Venomous fangs. "The Daedric Blades"; Zephyr and Valik - duel wielding shortswords. Hidden wristblades.
Location: Fort Dawnguard
Personality: Generally very guarded and unpleasant to be around. Sarcastic and rude. However, fiercely loyal and devoted to the few he holds close.
Skills: Increased speed, strength, sight, hearing and smell. Incredibly talented in all aspects, but most lethal in close combat. Possesses elemental ability to control thorns and vines.

One-handed weapons = 94
Duel-wielding = 97
Two-handed weapons = 70
Archery = 70
Blocking = 60
Light armour = 95
Heavy armour = 75
Sneak = 85
Speech = 85
Smithing = 45
Enchanting = 42
Lockpicking = 75
Pickpocket = 80
Alchemy = 40
Illusion = 25
Destruction = 30
Conjuration = 30
Alteration = 25
Restoration = 25

History: Born into one of the best monster Hunter families, Zero had already started his training from a very young age - born with a strong lineage, great things were expected from him. However when his entire family was slaughtered by a Pureblood Vampire and Zero bitten at 14 years old, for years he battled against the slow and painful transformation into a fully fledged vampire. His Hunter blood rejecting the venom, making the full transformation drag out for over a decade. Taken in by a family friend, he constantly struggled to learn control his thirst for blood. Only one human had ever died from his own lack of control, and a price was put on his head. However a powerful Pureblood Vampire who remained close to the Royal family deemed him too valuable as a Hunter-turned-Vampire and sought to experiment. Zero was used as a pawn in a far more greater plan and played a very large role in the war that shortly followed between the creatures of the night and the rest of the realm.
The experiment worked and several rogue Purebloods and monsters were eliminated at his hand, including his own Sire & family's murderer.

Due to his major efforts in the war he was Knighted in the palace, named Lord of the Velarys Estate and granted a royal pardon.
For the past 48 years, he has relentlessly tried to come to terms with the creature he has become, after all - a Hunter-turned-Vampire was next to unheard of, and the fact that his own family was slaughtered by these creatures, and used him as a pawn in some "grand plan" made his disgust for them even more strong, despite being one himself.

His endeavors attracted the the interest of the Daedric Prince "Mehrunes Dagon", who made him an offer he could not refuse, and in return he was to pledge himself indefinitely as the Daedra's Champion and Servant. Bestowing upon him the Daedric Blades; Zephyr and Valik to aid him in his battles, and to carry out the Prince's bidding whenever called upon.

Deciding his skills, experience and drive was better serving the realm and eliminating the threat of monsters, Zero re-joined the Dawnguard - quickly rising in the ranks and living up to his legendary family name. Within a few years he rose to his current position of 3rd in command of the 2300 member organisation of training monster hunters and protection of the Royal Family. Over the decades Zero has eventually embraced his ever-increasing titles - some given and some earned - however, he would prefer not to have them.

It is now common knowledge that he has actively stopped looking for a cure to Vampirism.

*DISCLAIMER" This roleplay is purely based in the Elder Scrolls universe (mostly Skyrim), and due to the storyline I have set out for Zero, your character is required to be the princess of a/the Royal Family and the heir to the throne (flexible on the Tamriel-specific location of said throne).
I can provide more info on the storyline if needed. Any questions please ask!
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