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23 / Male / Single
United Kingdom
Hi! Please take a moment to read through the following as well as my RolePlay rules on my blog before you send me a friend request, as all this information is kinda important:

I'm an advanced role player (I've been role playing for around 11 years now). My characters are all created with their own background and some sort of rough storyline to go with them. Please take a look at my roleplay rules and character blog before messaging me! :)

I currently do not offer specific character creations or requests.

I do prefer fantasy based roleplays so would like to stick to this if possible (the characters on my website will reflect this), e.g. an Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, Game of Thrones kinda vibe. I'm completely open to a good twist and turn in the story, but despite my roleplays being purely fantasy based I do like to keep a good sense of realism! So please no ridiculously overpowered characters. Other than that I am literally open to any story suggestions you may have, I love hearing other people's ideas as I will share my own.

I don't create any story that goes with my characters to be completely romanced-based however I am open to a romance developing as long as there has been an appropriate length of time and the characters have bonded enough, etc. - again with the realism!

As a disclaimer, my starter messages are always long in order to set the scene, provide background information on the character, introduce different characters and locations. Please do not be alarmed by the length, this is just to help you out. In an ideal world for your first reply I would expect something of a similar length in order to help me out too.

Please respect that I do have a life outside the internet and sometimes this will result in delayed responses; from a couple days right up to a week. Usually my replies will be within 24 hours, however if you're an impatient person, please don't ask me to roleplay. I will always try and reply as quickly as I can, and if at any point I'm struggling for time I will let you know :)

I roleplay through email only due to having an unlimited word count through there and easier to read novella responses. If this is an issue please let me know and we can sort another method to use.

Other than that, feel free to message me! :)