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coffeeastronaut's Blog

Angellica Phantom

FULL NAME: Angellica Rosary Phantom
MEANING: Given by her mother, she hates her full name, and would rather go
by Phantom.
NICKNAME: Phantom, Angellica
MEANING: Nickname that she decided on
AGE APPEARANCE: Earliy thirties
BIRTHDAY: February 14th, 1997
SPECIES: Meta human/Anti hero
GENDER: Female
SEXUAL PREFERENCE: She's bi with a high preference for Women
HAIR COLOR: Platinum blonde
HAIR STYLE AND LENGTH: Shaggy pixie/undercut
EYES COLOR: Black/dark purple
WEIGHT: 152lbs
OUTFIT/CLOTHING STYLE: Very pirate/steampunk/dressed up. Corsets, billowy pants, button ups, leather duster, etc.
+Ability to channel, call upon, and psychically link with spirits for info
+Ability to throw purple fire

BIO: Angellica's a hero. But she kills. That's all you need to know.
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Zeppelin Banks

FULL NAME: Zeppelin Ivory Banks
MEANING: Given by Mother, referenced to the date of the hindenburg crash on May 6th 1937
NICKNAME: Zeppelin, Zepp, Necromancer
MEANING: Zepp is given by her boyfriend, Peter Maximoff, Necromancer is her hero name
BIRTHDAY: May 6th 1957
GENDER: Female
SEXUAL PREFERENCE: Men, she’s straight
THEME SONG(S): Runaway by Bon Jovi
HAIR STYLE AND LENGTH: Shaggy pixie cut
EYES COLOR: Bright green
WEIGHT: 115lb
OUTFIT/CLOTHING STYLE: Band tees, leather jacket, and jeans are her usual attire.
+Raising Skeletons (ring finger touching to her palm, then raising palm up from waist level)
+Green Energy balls (fired by making the sign of the horns)
+Green Energy Beam (fired by pointing out her thumb and pinkie with her index, middle, and ring fingers folded in and hands close to each other)
+Green Energy Force field (created by holding up her index, middle, and thumb with her ring and pinkies folded to her palm, multiple can be up at a time yet it’s draining for her.)

BIO: Zeppelin was adopted by Professor Charles Xavier when she was 13. A fiery and defiant child, she was always energetic. Learning from her Uncle Hank, studying with her adoptive father, etc. Yet when Professor Xavier shut down the school for gifted youngsters, in his drunken state he also kicked Zeppelin to the side. To which she lived in the school under Hank's watch, and even then she only slept there. Around her highschool years, say about 17, she met Peter. Maximoff. And 90 percent of her time was spent with him. They became attached at the hip. Quicksilver and Necromancer, duo who listened to RUSH and stole twinkies. But ever since the breaking Magneto's dad out of the Pentagon, she drifted even further from Charles. Eventually she moved in with Peter after getting together at 19, and her relationship with Charles has been off an on.
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