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cloverkind's Blog


1. Try not to do one-liners.

2. Don't control my character and I won't control yours.

3. I don't mind spelling or grammatical mistakes, but try not to make them often. I like things to be as literate as they can be.

4. I don't really keep up with character sheets, I make new characters for each roleplay. I can either introduce them through the roleplay itself or send you a description beforehand!

5. I don't mind NSFW topics, but please talk to me before adding them to the roleplay.

6. If the NSFW topic is sex, then there has to be a plot to back it up.

7. I won't roleplay NSFW topics with minors.

8. I don't do furry or wrestling roleplays.

9. If you add me, you message me first.

10. Please understand that I'm a fulltime student/worker. I put my real life before this website, so I can take a little bit to get to replies every now and then. If you haven't heard from me in 2 weeks, you can send me a message to check on me.

11. I can do 3rd person or 1st person perspective.

12. I can roleplay as male or female characters.

13. I can do MxM, FxF, or MxF pairings.

14. If it says that I'm online but I haven't replied to you yet, I promise I'm not ignoring you. It's most likely because I left a tab open on my phone or laptop and forgot to sign out.
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7 | 0 Comments | May 3rd 2021 21:47