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(parisa na)
18 / Female / Single
jeju - Korea (South)
sunshine mixed with a little thunder

honestly up for plot/non-plot.

here if you need someone to just be here w u in the moment, call it a girlfriend service and all :)

pls remember to always be kind to others <3

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for anybody who might eventually need this info:

I like random sweet talks. I like surprises. I like comfort. I like reciprocated energy. i like words of affirmation. i love little kids and animals. i love "hey, this reminded me of you." i love being spammed because of the littlest things. i love when you remind me how much i mean to you. i love it when you make a spotify playlist just for me. i love it when you repost my pics bcs u genuinely want to show me off :)
Jan 23rd 2022 06:31