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brute's Blog

✞Character Directory✞

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✞Rules and Information✞

✞You must be 18+ to roleplay with me.

✞My characters and their actions are separate to me. I do not condone or encourage any of their actions or beliefs.

✞My main interests for roleplaying is dark, intense ero. I have no intentions of omitting this from any plot, or doing something different.

✞I only play dominant roles.

✞I roleplay with any gender, but I have a slight preference for feminine appearing characters. (Not particularly just women, but feminine men also.)

✞Please discuss before jumping into roleplay. It's particularly important we discuss limits before starting anything.

✞I'm not looking for paragraphs of texts, nor one liners. A paragraph or two is fine.

✞I am a selective adder / roleplayer.

✞Please do not double message, bump for replies, etc. unless it's been over two weeks.

✞Please do not flirt with me ooc.

✞Please respect me and my time.
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