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(Siobhan Brennan)
21 / Female / Single
" i was a nobody until i made myself a somebody. "

────────────── { character } ──────────────

siobhan brennan is a fighter with a temper. she fights in illegal fight clubs to raise money for her mother's chemotherapy. she doesn't take sh*t from anyone, she will absolutely kick your ass if you give her a reason but deep down she's a sweetie.. mostly.

────────────── { genres } ──────────────

science fiction | apocalypse | dystopia | modern | medieval | fantasy | romance | action | {occasionally...} | marvel (mcu) | star wars | the maze runner | pjo/HoO

────────────── { Admin } ──────────────

Hello ! Thanks for making it this far. I'm M!

I am very much so into detailed, highly literate roleplays with complex plots and detailed story telling. Because of this, I tend to be a bit more selective to find roleplays and roleplaying partners that also write in this style.

I am a full time student so there may be periods of time where I am not super active, but I will notify you of this beforehand.

I absolutely adore apocalypse (and or post-apocalyptic) stories, fantasy and superhero stuff, and even more so fantastical medieval stories!


" the world is cruel. get used to it. "

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// i miss writing.
1  May 19th 2020 14:10

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Hello, thank you for accepting! How are you? Would you like to have a roleplay? I can adapt my alexander into any genre so if you have any wishes for a storyline, do tell (:
Oct 12th 2019 11:08

I red your blog and I am intrigued, I wanna know about you :$$
Sep 15th 2019 07:25