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( ethan jewell )
20 / Male / Single
dallas, texas - United States
         the evil it spread like a fever ahead
         it was night when you died, my firefly
                             |   |
                             [ ❀ ]
  ( ETHAN JEWELL ... he / him, june second, two thousand and two, gemini, pansexual)
  songwriter, poet, singer | texas born and raised :D | you can take the boy outta the yee
  but never the haw outta the boy | my long hair era can't hurt you... (it can!) | single ;D
  if you like poems that call you out, presave my album HERE | ult
  couch hopper <3 | will paint ur nails | can i paint your nails | loves his granny cookies
                  |  DISCORD: love is tender#0602  |
 what could i have said to raise you from the dead?
      oh could i be the sky on the fourth of july?

            [ benji, he / him, central standard timezone, benji#0666 ]

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       i need a gun to keep myself among
    the poor people who are burning in the sun
         but they ain't got a chance
         they ain't got a chance
           i need a gun
         cause all i do is dance

    @greenwood @greenwood @greenwood
1  May 28th 2023 17:57

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