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22 / Male / Single
United Kingdom
my profile may look a bit blank for the time being, but i plan to get this all finished by the end of the weekend. i will be uploading characters, potential plots, rules and so on. i am a big fantasy and medieval writer, but have plenty of experience in anything else. in six years of roleplaying, i find interest in mostly; soft romances, medieval, apocalypse-based roleplays and forbidden romances. though, i am not at all limited and i am open to any wonderful ideas you'd share with me.
i hope this isn't too boring, don't be at all afraid to send a request. i am a much more flexible writer despite my terms, and i flourish more on the enjoyment of my fellow writer <3

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i haven't been at my best, and i think i've come down with the new flu going around. replies will be slower while i recover, but still ongoing here and there.
2  Sep 24th 2022 20:21

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