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23 / Female / Single
Georgia - United States

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|| got s tiny bit side tracked and didn’t get to everyone. Will before I head off for work tomorrow evening.
1  May 18th 2019 00:36

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Hello, there and I can’t wait to talk to you all, Let me get you some information about me and I hope we can figure something out so amazing. My name is Kace Cambridge, but feel free to call me K.C. unless you have another name you want to use. I am 31 years old. I am born and raised in Bronx, New York. I own my very own Hotel called The Blue Moon Hotel. But of course, when I am not working I love anything to do with the outdoors and of course I am always drinking. And once you get to know me more you might just find some other stuff out about me. Here are some other facts about me that you might find interesting.

When Kace was three years old and his mother had given birth to his baby brother, he didn’t know that it was the last time that he was going to see his mother. His mother had passed away giving birth.

Kace was abused by his father and his nanny that had taken care of him before his mother had passed away. This also included his father and nanny doing drugs while he was home.

When Kace was in college he had fallen inlove with someone which had ended with them getting married and then getting pregnant. Which you would have thought was a good thing but it wasn’t at least not for Kace. Because three months into it they had lost the baby due to them finding out that his wife had cancer.

Six months later Kace had lost his wife to cancer which of course Kace had started drinking once again.
May 18th 2019 22:46