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bluerose95's Blog

Gabe and Marce

Name: Gabrial Underland Name: Marcello Underland

Age: 24 Birthday: June 6th Age: 3 Birthday: May 12th

Sexuality: Bi (Dom)

Job: Member of Green Snow.

Appearance: Gabe wears a black grey and white jacket. He has snake bites ear and eyebrow piercing. His hair is dyed blue. Like every other Underland, his and his son's eyes are green. Marce wear's a blue cat onezy. The tips of his hair are dyed blue to match his daddy's. He always carries his rabbit, Snow.

Personality: Gabe is a playful type of person. Not afraid to pull pranks. He can also be quiet and calm and deadly when working. He also doesn't mind being childish to make his son laugh. Marce is a kind and shy toddler.

Likes:Gabe: Playing with his son, trying new foods. Marce: His rabbit and playing with his daddy.

Dislikes: Gabe: Crowds Marce: Loud noises

Weaknesses: Gabe: His son Marce: Milk

Backstory: Gabe was trained to be in Green Snow all his life. He slept with a girl his first night of freedom. 9 months later theirs a baby at his door. He still kills for Green Snow but when he gets home the only thing he wants to think about is his son Marce. He thought life was just about taking it until he met his son and realized you can give life too.
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Name: Iyz Underland

Age: 21 Birthday: September 19th

Height: 5'8 Weight: 118 Ibs

Sexuality: Gay (Sub)

Job: Dancer at the club his family owns called Cherry Hill.

Appearance: Iyz is very beautiful for being a guy. He has platinum blonde almost sliver hair and very pale skin. Like any other Underland, his eyes are bright green. He has two beauty marks one below his eye the other below his lip. He wears blue eyes liner glitter across his nose and cheeks and light blue lipstick. He also paints his nails blue. He likes wearing both girlish clothes and guy clothes. He has a black and gold hope earing in his right ear. Usually seen wearing heels. He also wears fake glasses cause he likes them.

Personalty: Iyz can be bitchy at times and other times very nice. It normally depends on his mood. Iyz id beautiful and knows he is so he can be very flirty at times.

Likes: Alcoholic jello, Dancing, Doing makeup and nails, Green Tea slushies.

Dislikes: Rude customers, Being called a stripper. ( He's a boylesque dancer he doesn't take his clothes off.) Meat

Weaknesses: Iyz is death in his left ear. (He's gotten good at reading lips.)

Habits: Talks fast when angry.

Backstory: Iyz is the only boy in his piece of the Underland family. Growing up watching his older cousin's dance on stage. He fell in love with dancing. He trained every day since he was 11 years old. He had always been called beautiful but eyes never listened to them until he was on stage and people called out for him. If finding mister right could be like those old moves like Burlesque or Coyote Ugly he would be satisfied.

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Rainy May

Name: Rainy May Hoover

Age: 24 Birthday: November 25th

Height: 5'8 Weight: 125 Ibs

Sexuality: Bi switch

Job: Jewel Theif at night. Florist during the day.

Appearance: Rainy May has long brown hair and eyes. She's very beautiful. She has the elegance of a girl born from wealth. She always wears a sundress during the day. At night she wears a black one-piece jumper to steal jewels without being noticed.

Personality: Rainy May has a very proper way of acting and speaking. This is an act. She was raised as a rich girl. Taught to be respectful. In truth, Rainy May is Playful and Sly with a love for jewels. She can be loud and sometimes bitchy. She only shows that side of her to people she likes.

Background: Rainy May was born rich. When she was 13 her father went bankrupt. They had to sell everything they had. The jewels she loved to look at so much as a child was given to museums. When she was 16 she saw one of the jewels at a museum she visited on a field trip. That night she broke into the museum and took the jewel. That was her first-ever jewel heist. Ever since that night, she has been stealing back the jewels that were taken away.
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Name: Whiskey Belum (Real name: Willam) Nickname: Black Sheep

Age: 22 Birthday: April 1st

Height: 6'1 Weight: 134 Ibs

Sexuality: Gay/ Polyamorous/ Dating Tequila looking for other people to join their relationship. Dom.

Job: Works as a Freelance Writer.

Appearance: Wisky has light blonde almost pink hair with pink eyes. He's always called the Black Sheep cause he acts nothing like his other siblings. Teq thought it was a cute nickname and bought him a black sheep hoodie. He always wears it cause Teq gave it to him.

Personality: Wisky is louder and more aggressive than Tequila. He gets in fights and is very protective. He loves to read and write though. That's why he writes Freelance.

Likes: Coffee, Sad Rap, reading mystery novels.

Dislikes: Noisy people, Homophobic people, Carrots, Texting, Red Meat.

Weaknesses: Forgets to eat or bath when writing for a deadline. His temper.

Habits: Lets Teq do most of the talking.

Backstory: Teq and Wisky have been dating since high school. Yet sometimes it's hard for them to be together with no one else. They both feel like something is missing. Even though they've known each other since childhood.

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Name: Tequila Shepland ( Real name: Tage) Nickname: Teq

Age: 22 Birthday: September 18th

Height: 5'7 Weight: 125 Ibs

Sexuality: Gay/ Polyamorous/ Dating Wisky looking for other people to join their relationship. Sub

Job: Works as a waiter. Wants to be a Boylesque dancer someday. He wants to have the confidence to wear sexy clothes and sing and pole dance on stage without having to strip.

Appearance: Teq has brown hair and brown eyes with glasses. When at work he wears a uniform. When not at work he normally has on a plaid shirt with his favorite light grey hoody. When he feels confident he wears crop tops sweaters with tank tops and tight skinny jeans with 3inch heels. He also loves pastel colors and wearing makeup and painting his nails.

Personality: Teq is the shy nervous type of the two. He usually lets Wisky speak more than him. Unless he's feeling good and confident then Whiskey lets him do more of the talking. He loves nail art and doing other peoples nails though. One day he hopes to have a nail salon and at night he wants to have a bar attached to it so he can dance.

Likes: dancing, singing, cooking, pastel colors, musicals

Dislikes: Rude people, Bullying

Weakness: He has a slight limp due to being hit by a car as a kid. He can't drive. His shyness. Hot weather or any tempter above 70.

Habit: He looks at his nails when nervous.

Backstory: Teq and Wisky have been dating since high school. Yet sometimes it's hard for them to be together with no one else. They both feel like something is missing.

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