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bluerose95's Blog


Name: Lizona Trax Nickname: Liz

Age: 22

Hieght: 5'6

Sexuality: Bi

Job: Clothes designer and cosplay model. Wants to be a doctor like her father so she's also a med student.

Appearance: Lizona is half Russian and half American. She has white hair and blue eyes. Lizona is very pretty and a cosplay model. She's average height and is always wearing dresses. She has a heavy Russian accent.

Personalty: Lizona is very kind and bubbly. She loves all things girly and designs her own clothes.

Backstory: Lizona's mom was from Boston and Her father from Russia. She meet Keth when they were little he's her best friend and saved her life. Her father was a Doctor before he died in a plane crash. She wants to be like him one day and be a doctor. She pays for her studies with her designs and modeling.
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Name: Keth Underland

Age: 21

Height: 6'5

Sexuality: Bi

Job: New Hit man for the Underland family

Appearance: Keth has red hair with green tips and Underland green eyes. Pale skin with black flower tattoos on his face neck and chest. He's very tall and has a lean build. His bones have been replace with metal due to being crushed by a house when he was a child.

Personality: Keth is kind toward animals women and children and fair towards men. If you make him angry or his family. He only kills men he wont take a job if it's a hit on a woman or child.

Backstory: Cousin of Tj. Keth was mad the family's new hit man when Doc retired. When keth was a child he was playing with his best friend Lizona at an old house.The house was falling apart and it collapsed. Keth was crushed while saving Lizona. Thanks to Lizona's father being a scientist and doctor Keth was saved and his bones were replaced with metal. He has normal skin but underneath it is metal.
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Name: Doc Underland


Height: 6'3

Sexuality: Straight, not married has no children.

Job: Underland family doctor. Use to be a hit man for the family. A member of the Underland family. Which is like a modern day mob.

Personality: He a father figure to Tj and very kind. He's very patient and calm. He cares for all his patients and is a very skilled doctor and hit man.

Appearance: He's very tall with long blonde hair and green eyes like the rest of his family. He has an ear ring on his left her of a blue jewel.

Background: The youngest brother of Tj's father. He's Tj's uncle but is more like his father. Doc was a hit man for the family. Until he was asked to be the doctor due to Tj's mother being sick.

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Allen Chambers


Height: 6'0

Job: Detective

Sexuality: Gay

Apprentice: Allen as tan skin a nice build with a little muscle kind of on the tall side. He as shaggy Brown hair Brown eyes and a dragon tattoo on his arm.

Habit: He drinks a lot of coffee like 10 cups a day

Personality: Allen is smart and laid back mostly. He get's focused on a case to the point of being obsessive. He has OCD so everything as to be neat and put in to place. He's loyal to his friends and sister and is a very skilled snippier he can anything from miles away.

weakness: his sisters

Backstory: Allen was an orphan adapted at a young age by his mother who already had six little girls. He loved he family a lot. One day his mother was murdered and they never found the killer. He sower to find them and became a Detective working on murder cases and learned how to shoot a gun very well.
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Troya Black

Age: 26

Sexuality: Bi

Hieght: 6'1

Build: Lean muscles

Appearance: Troya has long black hair that he dyes and green eyes. His skin is pale and he wears all black. He has black tribal flame tattoo's on his arms and black wings on his back. Troya has his tongue and eyes brow pierced.

Job: A guitarist in a local rock band

Personality: Troya is a player who flirts with anyone. He loves horror moves and hates all colors. He has a very straight forward why of speaking and causes a lot he's half french so he can speak both langues. He love's pain and blood the Saw movies are his favorite cause there gory. Troya is very strong and has a short temper.

Weakness: he's allergic to cat's and his little girl he calls mouse.

Habit: He smokes a lot when he's stressed.

Backstory: Troya has an abusive stepfather who he ran away from. He went from dating one person tell the next tell he meet a girl in high school. She got pregnant with his baby but died in child birth her parents watch over the little girl he lovingly calls mouse. She the only good in his life besides his music.
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