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(Blue Underland)
23 / Female / Single
Missouri - United States
Hello, My name is Blue. ( MY real name is Amber.) I figured I'd make My Intro shorter and make a real rules list here. I can be a little shy at first. I promise I'm capable of good writing though. I love Anime. If you wanna do an Anime Rp with me just ask what fandoms I like.

1. I don't mind one-liners that's fine with me. Must be a line tho, not just a few words.

2. If you friend me pls say hello first.

3. I don't do rape scenes. I don't mind if your OC as a back story with it as long as I don't have to read the full act of it or write it.

4. Be kind. I'm a nice person. So I will be nice to you if you're nice to me.

5. This more of an option than a rule. I can do poly relationships. The Oc's and the Oc's they can be paired with are in my blog.

6. I like long term role plays. I wanna make friends I can write fun stories with for a long time.

7. I do have a discord if wanna know about it just ask. I only talk about it. I don't do roleplays on any other site than here.

8. I only do NSFW with people 18 and up.

9. Our characters must have chemistry first. Let's make a story and have are Oc's fall in love first.

10. Let's have fun. I don't mind if you don't like NSFW. I'm not here for that. I don't mind it but it's not something that is needed. Just cause a character has a sleeping around, type of past or like boylesque dancing doesn't mean they are only for sexual Rps cause they are not.

11. My main RP's are MXM but I also do MxF I can play both male and female roles. I also do FxF. Also, I like to give the Poly option if anyone wants it. Most Poly pairs are MXM though. My Bisexual characters can be paired as MxFxm Or FxFxM though.

12. Don't control my character. I don't mind changing a few things to fit the Rp but please don't write my parts for me. My OC's have their personalities so I prefer if I have the say in what they do or say.

That's all for my rules if you read through all this let me know your favorite color. (Mine's blue by the way.)

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I had help from. @SnowyAutumn, @Moonmist, and @Annabeth93. Thank you guys so much for all the help editing for me.
3  8 hours ago

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I just want to say, I've been enjoying our roleplay so much! You're great with your characters, and developing a story with you is amazing!
Aug 12th 2019 07:56

That's alright. It's very sweet of you to put so much effort into our roleplay and I appreciate it a lot. Take your time~
Jul 25th 2019 15:45

hope we can rp
Jun 26th 2019 10:28

I'm enjoying the story just as much and I'm really glad I found someone as great as you to roleplay with. I don't mind the dark stuff at all if something bothers me I will let you know. I've had a lot of fun too and you are also very talented! I hope we can continue to RP for a long time. :)
Jun 22nd 2019 09:25

and my normal one is angry blue
May 10th 2019 15:17

this is trapped blue
May 10th 2019 15:15

and this is lost blue
May 10th 2019 15:13

all my characters are named Blue but Blue is many things Lonely Blue is a girl with anxiety Lost blue is a Ghost trapped in an old mantion locked in a room with heavy wood door trapped Blue is Fallen angel locking a cage trapped cause of her beautiful voice and Angry Blue is a vampire with stiking blue eyes instead of the normal read the picture is for lonely blue
May 10th 2019 15:12