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Fern Viotto

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Name: Fern Viotto
Date of Birth (& age): 02/06/02 ( 19 )
Place of Birth: Madrid, Spain
Gender: Female
Species/Racial Origin: Hispanic/Caucasian
Social Class/Community Status: Middle class
Language: English, Spanish
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Mother, Father, a bunny, two brothers.

Physical Description

Height: 4'11 / 146 cms
Weight: 90lbs / 40kgs
Hair: Brown, Wavy/Kinky, Medium length
Eyes: Brown/Hazel ?
Limb Dexterity: Medium
Detailed Physical Description: Chestnut brown wavy hair with bangs, a bit down past her shoulders, small button nose, pink lips, almond eyes, brown iris, medium brown eyes, gentle freckles upon her face, skinny build, short, paleish.
Typical Clothing/Equipment: Flowy blouses, Sun dresses, Hair clips, Blue clothes, Skirts, Ripped jeans.


Personality/Attitude: Sweet and shy, sometimes a flirt and gets along with everyone quite well, she doesn't like to exclude others and has the personality of a puppy, will follow you around if you give her head pats, gentle and kind
Skills/Talents: Violin, Painting, Modeling, Jewelry making, Baking
Favorites/Likes: Bunnies, Nature, Blue things, Clouds, Hair clips, Butterflies, Cookies, Cats, Fuzzy socks, Bubbles
Most Hated/Dislikes: Slime, Cigarettes, Thunder, Clowns, Spiders
Goals/Ambitions: To own a bakery, kiss a girl, own many bunnies
Strengths: Good multitasker, Ambitious, Motivated, Hard worker
Weaknesses: Trusts easily, Hyper, Short Attention Span, Naive
Fears: Vermiphobia - Maggots / Worms , Autophobia - Fear of being left alone
Hobbies/Interests: Jewelry making, Painting, DIYS, Soccer, Nature, Greek gods
Regular Routine: N/A
Philosophy of Life: To live as much as she can.
Attitude Toward Death: Positive, but not eager
Religion/Beliefs: Wiccan
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors:
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: When she was in a school shooting and lost her bestfriend.
Sexual Preference/Experience/Values: Bisexual, Sub bottom, Fem lean, Virgin
Education/Special Training: High school degree
Place/Type of Residence: House
Occupation: Model
Place of Work: Studios
Work-related Skills: Good attitude, Confident, Convincing, Organized
Past Occupations: Grocery store bagger, Thrift shop cashier
Memberships: N/A

Additional Notes :
Star sign: Aquarius
ADHD & Anxiety
No drugs
Sometimes drinks
Not medicated for illnesses
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rp rules

If you'd like to rp that is fine but please be wary of the rules I have and make sure to respect them. If you can't do that then please don't interact.

1. No one liners please.

2. If you get sick of the rp, tell me! We can figure something else out or just drop it entirely.

3. Please be 18+ if you want to romantic roleplay with me, even if there is no eRP involved.

4. No god-modding (Obvious one)

5. Do not spam my dms because I haven't replied, I am a college student and have a part time job and kids to look after, I will not always reply the fastest, although I try my best.

6. Please use something such as '/, (, [,' etc to indicate when you're talking out of character thank you!

7. Please try your best with grammar, I know we all make mistakes, it's alright, but at least know the difference between your and you're.

8. No drama ooc !

9. If you do not reply to our roleplay after one week without talking to me I will delete you.

10. I am not interested in plots solely based around smut, if you are please leave.
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