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blowsycute's Blog

General rules

Let's go through some important information about this profile, shall we?

First of all, this profile is completely in character (except for... well, most blog posts) which means I expect you to interact with me also in character. I will reply to comments, messages and anything else also in character unless stated otherwise. If you rather talk out of character for whatever reason, please warn me about it.

I'll roleplay as this one character only, she's a human female around her mid-twenties named Nicolette. If you want to know a bit more about her, check my other post here on the blog!

I can do some minimal changes if needed, so we can rp, but please don't come asking me to roleplay as something completely different. I will come up with more of a backstory and other details as soon as we discuss the plot and setting!

Be kind, be patient. I can't always answer right away (especially long para or multipara) so please don't rush me. If I don't reply within two days, I maybe forgot to send the message, so it's ok to remind me about our roleplay.

I won't roleplay mature themes or/and romance with minors, please respect my decision and my boundaries.

Other rules and boundaries can be asked by messaging me!
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Nicolette profile

Full Name: Nicolette Vallée
Behind the name: Her mother named her after the enchanting princess of the French romance 'Aucassin et Nicolette'. Her surname is actually her father's surname, as his family was more influential than her mother's family.
Nickname: Nic, nico, ma poupée (by her mother).
Age: Mid-twenties (24/25/26)
Sex: Female
Gender: Cisgender
Species/Race: Human / Caucasian
Place of Birth: Pau, France
Sexual Orientation: Queer


Body Build: Mesomorph
Height: 5'4" / 162cm
Skin colour: Pale white
Hair length: Mostly short
Hair colour: Chestnut brown hair
Eye colour: Light brown
Accessories: May have a nose piercing depending on the roleplay setting.

Mental State

Archetype: The bohemian
Drugs: Alcohol, cigarettes


Likes: Old books, hot coffee, long quotes, neutral colours, sunbathing, big libraries, autumn, risk-taking, quick thinking, pubs.
Dislikes: Herbal tea, sweet perfumes, boring nights, sci-fi themes, thunderstorms, laziness, repetitive routines.
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