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28 / Female / Single
Orlando , Florida - United States
Red head, fun loving, kinky individual here to make friends and rp. Mainly do romance and/or adventure, fantasy and supernatural rps. Been roleplaying online for several years.

1: must be 18+ majority of the time I do rps that are not for younger than 18. Cuz it is illegal

2: I will not play as any character from shows because I cannot do it I've tried but it's not going to work.

3: 18+ no abuse, no r*pe they are triggers for me and you will be deleted.

Will add more later

Latest Status

Heading to bed now goodnight everyone
Mood: tired
4  Jun 26th 2022 23:46

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Q. Is everything okay?
A. Not really just got to the hospital
 Jun 24th 2022 11:47

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Im happy to hear you are better my friend
Jun 26th 2022 18:16

Hey. How are you doing?
Jun 26th 2022 17:56