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Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Lycanthrope

When I was born my parents new something was wrong with me. They new I wasn't a normal human. They did test on me. Stuck me with needles and even splashed me with holy water. They thought I was a demon. They found nothing wrong with me till I cut my arm on a piece of silver. No other wound lasted more than a few minutes. This one would not heal. It was at that time I knew what I was. I was not allowed to go outside at night. I could not eat with normal silver. When I grew up I slipped outside during a full moon and turned for my first time. I remember nothing else of my past but now that I am in this time it must have not been too bad.
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3 | 1 Comment | by Shadowgenesis | Mar 25th 2015 15:29


What is he : half demon and half angel
age: 16
eyes color: left eye bright red right eye glowing white
hair : half black and half silver
powers : rising people from the dead
inventory: dagger , wand

back story:
i live on earth . always helping good people and killing bad people .. i save good people and don't save the bad people. I'm always hiding my true look.Role play to find out his true look
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0 | 0 Comments | by gingerbread | Mar 24th 2015 23:29


what is she : full blooded demon
how old is she : 3
hair : golden brown
eyes: yellow

Inventory: short sword

back story:
I'm a little demon girl who been sent down from hell to kill any one i can get my little hands on... but i don't want be a demon i don't want kill any more... so i ran away far form any town and any city ,,, into the dark woods i am staying in... I lay down on pile of leaves and starts zoning out with the though of how would be nice to be a human with a family once more ... I here a noise and its comeing closer to me but i don't move .................

(( thats when you come in ))
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1 | 2 Comments | by gingerbread | Mar 24th 2015 23:26


what is she : angel
how old is she :25
hair: glowing white
eyes: glowing white

Inventory: nothing at the moment

back story:
I am a angel of light and dark ... i can be your best friend or your worse enemies... all humans are scare of me .. I get sad easy and mad easy.... i try do good things but sometimes i get trick to doing bad things.. I can make any ones mind go fuzzy to get what i want so watch out for me when I'm in a bad mood

will you be my friend or will you be my enemies ?.....

(( will its all up to ya now ))
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0 | 0 Comments | by gingerbread | Mar 24th 2015 23:15


what is she : A human with ice and fire magic
how old is she :25
hair: fire orange with little ice blue
eyes: one light blue other is light orange

Inventory: nothing at the moment

back story:
I was just a little girl when i found out I can use ice and fire magic.. as i grow i learn how to use it and keep it in control. i just lost my mom and dad .. no one cares how i feel right now so i ran away. I made a cave my home ... its nice there but it gets lonely at times ....

sits on a log near by a small lake looks at the water wonders where will my life take me from here .....

(( will its all up to ya now ))
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0 | 0 Comments | by gingerbread | Mar 24th 2015 23:06