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Angel Reed

Name: Angel Reed
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Species: human/zombie hunter
Sexual orientation: straight

Looks: She has long red hair and bright blue eyes. She is always in jeans and combat boots, with fingerless gloves. She wears a tank with a small sleeveless jacket over it. She also has a backpack filled with any supplies she would need including weapons and food. She has two knives strapped to each thigh and a gun holster on each side of her belt.

Personallity: Angel is outgoing and fun to be around once you get to know her. At first she can come across mean or stern, but that has to do with the fact she’s been on her own for awhile. She loves being able to protect others from a distance, since she hates being called a hero. She has a loner personality and if you really want to meet her, you’ll have to be just as stubborn.

Backstory: Angel was raised up by her father who trained her in all types of weapons due to him being the chief of police. Her two brothers never cared about learning his trade, but that’s all Angel could think about growing up. By the age of 10, she could tell you almost everything there is to know about guns and knives and she is an excellent shot. When she was 20, the apocalypse started and her father held her out in the police station for a bit. Eventually, it was overrun and her father was killed, turned into the infected. It almost killed her, but she vowed she would continue to fight for him. The police station is now her base, determined to make it back into a safe area. Her only companion is her families, police dog Axis, which is a large Doberman.
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3 | 0 Comments | by JinxxFiree | Apr 7th 2015 19:23


he is a 200 year old vampire who looks 20. he is a very caring young man, he only looks at the good in people. he is much smarter in battle and other things then he would lead on.
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2 | 0 Comments | by Deadshot | Apr 5th 2015 22:05

Scarlett Rose

Name: Scarlett Rose
Age: 19
Gender: female
Species: human-storm chaser
Sexual orientation: bisexual

Looks: long black hair, dark blue eyes. Short and thin. Always in a hoodie and jeans.

Backstory: Scarlett grew up in multiple foster homes after being abandoned at the hospital. She always found comphort in dark and scary things. Mainly storms. When she turned 16, she was placed into the care of a retired stormchaser. Since then, she's been chasing storms and photographing everything she sees. She loves to take photos.
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2 | 0 Comments | by JinxxFiree | Mar 31st 2015 19:34

Jewel Morgan

Name: Jewel Morgan
Age: 20
Gender: female
Species: half vampire, half human
Sexual orientation: straight

Looks: Tall and thin. Long crimson red hair, usually pulled to the side. Bright blue eyes. A small scar down her cheek.

Backstory: Her mother was a vampire and her father was a human. After she was born, her parents were attacked and killed. In the attack, a man shot a flamming arrow towards her mother, but it missed and went accross her cheek, leaving a permenant scar on her cheek. Her father escaped with her bundled and left her on a human family's doorstep before running away only to be killed himself. When she was older, she found out her true parents. Now, she keeps her vampire side inside as she tries to live a normal life, altough sometimes it comes out. She's learned to hide
her vampire side, but not to control it like she needs to. She can also control an element, spirit. She doesn't know much about how to use it. She learned of this gift when she accidently brought a wounded fox back from the brink of death. She is very shy and quiet due to her vampire nature, but she's a wonderful artist and expressed herself through her creations.
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6 | 0 Comments | by JinxxFiree | Mar 31st 2015 13:42


Soul is a 19 year old boy neko. he doesn't know much about himself but he doesn't really care. Soul has some magic he the able to transm*te somethings,teleport, and travel through dimensions among other this. Soul has 2 forms his black cat form and his normal neko form though he stays in cat form most of the time.

Soul is not a very serious type of person most hes annoying and very random and finds it hard to stay serious and doesn't really care about being serious. But Soul is a very caring young man and like to help who ever he can.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Deadshot | Mar 31st 2015 13:13