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The meeting

*Arcane Logan Neko was walking in the park as he has just left his family manor and his siblings to clear his head, he and his brother had just had a falling out because of how they have had to live until recently. Arcane wore his black shirt, blue jeans, a leather jacket and some boots. The jacket was to cover his family crest that we'll let's face it the damn thing stuck out like a swore thumb. Arcane climbed a tree that was in the shade and kept him a bit hidden. If people knew what he truly was they'd freak out and go after him and his family. Arcane noticed a young female walk over to the tree he was at. He watched her a bit unsure of what to say.*

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0 | 19 Comments | by ArcanetheRippeh | May 26th 2015 02:23

FILLER TEXT: The Emperor

Not much is known about the Nemesis Emperor. Even less is known about his past.
Enigmatic, yet charismatic, the Emperor has been the sole leader of the Empire of a Thousand Universes for at least a handful of millenia, leading to speculation that he may have been the Pan-Universal Federation's President, potentially placing his age just halfway to the 10,000 mark.
Leading his people through the toughest of scrapes and also proving to all naysayers that a lifelong dictatorship can indeed be beneficial for all, the Emperor is widely loved and although he tries to outlaw it, there are some cults that place him as their sole god.

From what is known in his private life however, the Emperor is just as human as everyone else. The kitchen in his palace orbiting Mars is large enough to accommodate every method of cooking for a list of guests. His catering manager is paid as much as the Admiral of the Fleet, and it is known that whatever food the Emperor cooks up, someone will be screaming in pain from the excessive amount of chilli.
The Emperor allegedly is in the process of bringing scotch back to the future through the introduction of his Imperial brand of White Star.
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0 | 0 Comments | by TheNemesisEmpire | May 25th 2015 17:48

RPC Jewel

Name: Jewel Veneziano
Age: 16
Species: Human
Background: Jewel was your average high school girl. She didn't actually attend a public high school. She was homeschooled, and took online courses. She was smart, and talented, and loving. She was timid, but sweet. When she wasn't working on school work, she was out in her mother's garden tending the plants or out around town, mostly at the animal shelter's or volunteering to read for children at orphanage's or at school's. She loved being around people, kind people that is, until the incident. Jewel and her father had a lot of money, and lived in a fancy house, with a fancy backyard. Often, Jewel held tea parties for children, and it was always fun and enjoyable for both the children and her. Though, one night, as she was cleaning up after the children's parents had picked up their kids, a man lurked in the bushes. Before she knew what had happened exactly herself, she was caught in a thorny rope mess, and was taped her mouth shut, covering it with a simple purple rose. He moved a bit of her bangs and placed a hairclip in her hair as well, giving a dark chuckle. The male held her captive, grinning as he confronted her, showing his gloves and protective material against the thorns. He tossed her aside and went into the house, going through as much as possible. Finally he comes back out ready to ask her something, before catching exactly what he was looking for- right around her neck. He lifted her chin as she squirmed, wincing as the thorns began pricking her skin, and snatched her diamond necklace right off, careful not to break the clasp. He pushed more flowers into her arms and pushed another rose through the hole in her ear and grinned. "I heard you liked roses." With that, he laughed darkly and disappeared, leaving the angel behind, her most precious possession gone.
Birthmarks/Scars: N/A (Available further into RP.)
Weapons/Items: Her precious necklace given to her by her deceased mother that was now stolen.
Loves: Flowers, Color, Children, Gardening.
Fears: Darkness, Being in cars with strangers, ghosts, being kidnapped.
Action Tag: You will often catch her running a hand through her hair or biting her thumb.
Positive Personality Traits: Sweet, Kind, Helpful
Negative Personality Traits: Skittish, Shy, Distrusting.
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1 | 0 Comments | by Kaeviyana | May 24th 2015 19:17

FILLER TEXT: Hammerfest Industries

The Nemesis Empire takes pride in its mercantile status. As such, all businesses can have a taste of power.

None have such a control than the recently government-subsidised megacorporation of Hammerfest Industries. Originating near present-day Denmark, Hammerfest originally created weaponry for the burgeoning Pan-Terran Federation. In the 2360's however, business boomed when the R&D team discovered a way to shift to different universes and dimensions through quantum theory.

The original product was called the Uniphraser, and was used for stealth missions and surprise attacks. As the Federation expanded and became the Nemesis Empire after the Genesis Project Crisis of the 30th century, Hammerfest continued expanding on methods to allow for larger shifting, culminating on portals, moon-sized and allowed for large settlements and proper contact with parallel universes.

Needless to say, Hammerfest Industries are one of the most important aspects of the Empire, and without its existence, humanity may have stayed in the milky way for eternity.
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0 | 0 Comments | by TheNemesisEmpire | May 24th 2015 18:59

Good Morning ~

Good morning to all my lovely friends and if its night where you are at I hope you all have a nice nap and have pleasant dreams about Me!~ xD just kidding you can have any type of dream you want. Well that is alls~
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0 | 0 Comments | by xAbbyxx | May 24th 2015 08:16