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My new character

Name: Chris Carmichael
Nickname: Valkrey
Occupation: rebel, anarchist, outlaw, and college student
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Straight
Personally: a tad bit crazy , intelligent, persuasive, easily annoyed , and secretly depressed
Main weapons: is an amazing hacker and is very good with explosives and SMGs
Family: none all were murdered
Bio: hasn't lived the most easy life. His family was murdered right before his eyes. His best friend was assassinated by the government. That is the reason he became a anarchist. He wants the government to give the people freedom. He is a loyal friend. He is good with weapons and knows all martial arts including ju kin du the jujitsu Bruce lee made. Also he loves explosives his motto is "why fight fire with fire when I have napalm".
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1 | 0 Comments | by Malothesonofzalgo | Jun 23rd 2015 00:21

Althus' family from the future.

No wonder the demon hunter is so thoughtful. He cannot stop thinking about his family, about Anya, Vladimir, Tanya...they are literally haunting his thoughts now.
Beside that, Althus keeps praying to the Light, hoping to hear from happened once or twice while in this timeline in Nortrig, he was fortunate on that side - Azeroth literally remained intact, he is still more than wanted there, Myel has explained the whole situation to him, also comforting him that all will be fine as the time goes by.

Althus is aware that she said it only to comfort him and nothing else. No, it is not going to be fine...Anya and Vladimir had ceased to exist, and so had Tanya...
He may never get to see them again, the awareness of never seeing his children again is what is causing him to be more silent than usual.
Althus is more than devastated because of this fact...
Even though he tries not to show it, his moments of extreme silence and inner nervousness show it. His tail tip certainly moves nervously almost all the time.

The Draenei is isolating himself and literally living the life of a lone wolf now. He is there to help, to accompany and to ''scold'' (Referring to Michael) if needed, after all, he is always eager to get a job and do some action. It keeps his mind off of many things, which is why he always wants to occupy himself with something.
When he has nothing to do, he either prays or starts thinking about the events that are haunting his mind.

Living in the castle in Nortrig is not as bas as he thought it would be. Even though he is not a fan of huge buildings and castles, Althus easily adapted. He got used to the cold, but he still hates snow!
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1 | 0 Comments | by Altherius | Jun 22nd 2015 22:20

The Past and Future

Obviously the King is clueless about the fact of what had happened in Nortrig, but considering the fact that he had returned to the past, there had possibly been some changes in their world as well.

A short brief about Arda and its happenings now:

- Fëanor's kingdom is stable and prosperous. Everyone is happy, it is going as intended and the King got to feel that tiny bit of peace finally.
- He may get two twin daughters soon.
- The matter with Haradrim is not reaching their borders, the attacks are less constant and Fëanor's army is now busy with exploring the place only.

- Celegorm and his family are having a peaceful life as well. The Prince is truly making an example of himself, trying to make his father proud and make his own family as happy as possible. And he is succeeding in that.
- Celine has recovered from that terrible shock she had been through. Thanks to her father's good will and great mood, she has managed to get over it sooner than the healers expected.
- Lyna is always in her make-up, yet the time she is dedicating to Celegorm, the gentleness and care she is giving to him is something both of them enjoy. A complete harmony in this happy family.

- Ancaron is not dead, the drake has retreated to the North, recovering from wounds. There will be a long, long while until he recovers, and a huge question remains if he will even dare to attack again.

- Melkor is in state of loneliness and sadness. His situation worsened after Aulë's deeds. However he plans to visit his brothers and personally get to talk to them. That fear has disappeared after Aulë made him live through horror.
- Melkor may have some future plans and his personality will evolve as the time goes by.
- His inner struggle is still more than present, there is still a dark and evil part that lives in him, but it is incredibly small now and he will never turn evil again, fortunately.
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1 | 0 Comments | by Erik_Phantom | Jun 22nd 2015 22:12

RPC Zaenix

Name: Zaenix Aubura
Age: 20
Personality: Quiet, Thoughtful, Stubborn
Species: Were Chimera
Bio: Zaenix grew up sheltered, learning to control his gift. His parents didn't care he wasn't human, they just cared about sheltering him, like good parents should. He took that for granted. Because one day, someone found out he wasn't human and had his parents targetted. He watched them murdered before his eyes. What could he do, he was 10 years old at the time. He stopped being ignorant after that. He became wealthy, smart, responsible, everything he thought he'd never be. He then, gave everything up to serve their kingdom's Queen, and became even more well known from there.
Birthmarks/Scars/Special Markings: None, his skin is near perfect. Soft and gentle.
Weapons/Items: He keeps a locket with his mother and father's marriage pictures.
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3 | 0 Comments | by Kaeviyana | Jun 22nd 2015 21:48

Cindy Foxies (Warning: A lot of Sonic refrences!)

Cindy is just a normal fox, or that's what she wants you to believe. She was created by the G.U.N in a desperate attempt to stop Dr. Eggman. After a few days of being created she was already being trained among the best of soilders in the organization. She was never deployed because of a malfunction that caused her to mistake others for Eggmans machines. A few days after being left behind she wiped out half of the G.U.N.'s main base. Under the comand of the Commander they finally shut her down.

Decades later she was brought back into fuction. This time she got an added tail. The G.U.N. hoped that Cindy would be able to fly like Tails. Unfortunately, she was never able to get off the ground. As clear as anyone could see she functioned perfectly. Besides the fact that she started to fall in love with the idea of the Sonic heros.

After two decades of working with G.U.N. they made her a bit of a present. It was a pocket knife with a steel blade. When Cindy needs it the most the whole pocket knife gains an aqua aura around it. Which it then changes into a three foot sword that keeps the aqua aura. Only Cindy is able to use the sword part of her gift. One day on a mission she killed her pod of 4 soilders and ran off.

She now roams freely across Mobuis. Though she keeps on the down low not wanting to be discovered by the G.U.N. Yet her dreams of joining Sonic's Freedom Fighters are still burning brightly.
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2 | 1 Comment | by Fandom_Muffin | Jun 22nd 2015 11:54