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Story of Aquaverte

aquaverte. He lived with his mother and father. his father was a drunk and would beat him and his mother would try to protect him above all else. one day he was walking along the piers of the ocean and fell in. he nearly drowned and would have if it wasnt for a small mermaid girl called honeysuckle. they became best friends and he would meet with her every day. but he would still go home to his hell with the one light... his mother. she loved him and taught him right from wrong. he loved her more than anything and was absolutely devastated to find her laying on the floor, not moving nor breathing. just laying with blood leaving her head and glass of a broken beer bottle stuck out of the wounds. his light had gone out. he ran away as fast as he could and waited by where he would have met honeysuckle. she didnt come. he waited three days before the word finally reached him.... a news paper headlined "Mermaid caught by fishermen with harpoon!" and below that was a picture of his precious friend hanging by a harpoon in her chest. he broke down and cried. a light appeared before him and took the shape of his friend. "dont cry... ill always be with you..." (in short) and her soul merged with him. he was glad to have her near but didnt understand how to use the powers she gave him, though learned fast. he set out on his journey, looking for the family of his lost friend and a home for himself.
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story of the Prince

The Prince(story part one- soul of light)- The son of the king of Persia. In an attack on the Maharaja ( i have no idea how to spell it) they steal an ancient hourglass, the sands of time ,and a ceremonial dagger, the dagger or time. The dagger, found and taken by the prince, was awarded to him as a memory from his first war. when they arrive home to babylon the evil visear tricks the prince to insert the dagger into the hourglass. The princess of the Maharajaa. Farah, who was kidnapped in the attack begs him not to, but he ignores her and does it anyway. sand falls out of the hourglass and a strong wind blows though the palace and it turns every animal and person into a "sand monster" zombies-like creatures but cant infect you and still have brains but no emotion. just a lust for murder. only three people arent infected, fahrah, the prince. and the visear. After nearly being crushed by a large stone, the prince realizes he can reverse and slow time for a few seconds by flipping a trigger on the dagger, but he needs to fill the dagger with the power of the sands of time, which he can collect by destroying the sand monsters. the prince and fahrah must team up to kill the visear and seal the sands of time. Through their adventure the prince and Farah grow on each other and become friends. When they finally reach the hourglass, Farah is killed by the visear, and as the prince mourns her the visear offers the prince eternal life in return for giving him the dagger, to which he reply's "I can never bring back those who i have lost....... But i can certainly make sure you don't win!" and with that he runs and plunges the dagger into the hourglass. Little did he know that this would cause time to be sent back to the night before the attack, but he already has the dagger, and only he remembers. He runs through the night and rain to warn farah of the visears evil plan and the whole story he just went through. unfortunately the visear heard him and entered with the intent to kill both. after a battle between him and the prince. the prince kills the visear. As the prince prepares so leave and tell his father not to attack, he gives farah the dagger and she asks "Thank you but why did you make up such a wonderful story?" and he says "i didnt". Just as he's about to leave she says "wait, i dont even know your name" to which he reply's "call me.... Kakolukia" and with that he disappears into the jungle.
(part two- soul of dark)- After escaping his fate by the sands of time, the prince was being hunted by the Dahaka, a creature of incredible strength and power, being able to go through time to catch its prey. it hunts the prince for years. The prince tries to escape by going over the ocean on a ship. The ship is however attacked, but not by normal people, but monsters the prince recognize as the sand creatures, though they seem smarter and more adaptive. his ship is destroyed , though he gets washed up on an island, the island of time, birthplace of the sands of time. the island is infested with sand creatures and unfortunately the Dahaka Follows him to the the prince runs from the Dahaka he learns that though the Dahaka cannot be beaten with a sword, it cannot touch water. the prince uses this to his advantage to escape the Dahaka, though it always find a way to get back to him. as he continues through his journey he learns that he can go back and forth between two times using a room of sand. he finds out that the other time he can go to, is while the sands of time are being made. He decides to try and stop the making of the sands, to save many lives. after many trials he finally makes it into the chamber where the sands are made, finding the maker of the sands, and discovering that.... its just a mortal woman. not some mystical being. she tells him of a sword that can kill the Dahaka, which he struggles to get. in the end he kills the Dahaka and he and the sands creator, otherwise known as the empress, sail away from the island. the sands never being made, and his fate, once again, avoided.
(part three- soul of balence)- With the empress, the prince returns to his home of Babylon, expecting a warm welcome and a beautiful home, instead finding it burning and crumbling. A war seems to be raging between the people of Babylon and some odd soldiers, the likes of which the prince had never hear of. Their ship is set ablaze and blasted apart, the prince and the empress being separated. her unconscious some of the odd soldiers come and drag her away. the prince chases after them but unfortunately cant reach them due to obstacles. when he finally caught up to them the empress was hung on a stake by her arms, finally conscious. as he rushes to save her, a chain with sharp points on it wraps around his arm and pulls him back, he hits the ground and the chains thrower jumps out. then the prince finally sees whos leading this army, the old visear. The prince realizes that he had stopped the making of the sands of time, so his first quest hadnt happened for anyone but him. not even the ending where he killed the visear. the visear pulls out the daggar of time (i swear they never explain that in the game) and stabs the empress with it. Sand falls from the wound and her entire body turns to sand. then a great wind, the same as the hourglass blows through the land, infecting all the visears army, making them sand creatures who are just as smart as their previous body. they begin to mutate. the sand starts to seep into the chain on the prince's arm. he breaks the chain though part was already attached to him,the visear stabs himself with the dagger causing him to change and gain power. unfortunately for him he drops the dagger and the prince grabs it. but the ground beneath the prince falls and he stabs the wall with the dagger to slow his fall. and with that he set off on another journey to kill the visear and stop the sands. along his quest he relizes what the sands have done to him. at random times his body will change into the "dark prince" a version of himself that excels in using the chain as a weapon, and slowly dies unless it gets enough sand and is only dispelled if it touches water. though it could speak to him even when he was normal. While in the dark prince form an arrow is shot at him, when he looks at the shooter its none other than farah. i try to reason with her throughout the adventure in both human and dark prince forms. though its only after saving her life that she trusts him. later, while in dark form the prince finds the dead body of his father, overwhelmed with grief he changed back without water. he finally beat the dark prince's control and didnt change as often. The people of Babylon eventually rise up against the army of sand so the prince can focus on the visear. later the visear kidnapped farah, and the prince ran after them. after many obstacles, he reached the visear. they had a great battle and the prince killed him and all the sand creatures died with him. just as he had freed farah and said it was finally over, the prince hears the voice of the dark prince "im not through with you yet!" and the prince fell over, scaring the crap out of farah. the prince and dark prince have a battle and the prince destroys him. he awakes to farah crying over him. the chain fell of and he stood up "Farah... its finally over...."
(end of story)
theme song: time only knows. (see profile)
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whats is she : fairy
how old is she: 9
hair color: blue
eye color: right eye gold and left eye silver
wings color: pink
inventory: bow and arrows and backpack
powers: making wishes come true

back story :
I live in little world call silly world. I have no mom or dad .. I'm very silly ... i love to make wishes come true.. i wold love to have a mom and dad some day .. i have not toys.
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In brief.

One sure positive side in finding out the true about Chloris' lies, is that Johnathan did not have to suffer through her loss. In fact, he felt more of some satisfaction, as revenge, for what happened to her. He hopes the Hunters were as dreadful and unfair as ever with her, and he knows he could expect it, as they were still under Frederick's command.
This makes him realize she was not at all the love of his life, just a fake. And this also made him more open than he was in the past, to new love stories. Why should he prevent himself from finding the right woman, just because the first one wasn't the right one? He is surely not that type. In the past, he was not aware of her betrayal which is why he felt like truly losing a part of his soul, when she was killed in the similar situation.
As this time things are much different, he actually freely decided to contact an old childhood friend, Miriesh.
They basically grew up together, often meeting to play, he, Devon and her. And even when older, even though because of formalities they could not meet like as children, she remained a loyal and helpful friend he often asked advices to.
He also knows she always had a crush on him, which is probably what made him decide to meet her again after such a long time.
If he had not a daughter, right now he'd be more likely looking to have some fun, probably on Earth, but for that reason, he is more looking into a serious and stable relationship, making a normal family to allow Serenity to grow up in a healthy situation.

The meeting had to be controlled in fact, both Timothy and Miriesh's father were present, but at some distance, just formality to make sure the two don't do anything inappropriate.
And they only speak, about what they've been doing in the last years, about what happened to Johnny, about what Miriesh became and so on...despite everything, Miriesh always looked truly sorry for what happened to him but never criticized his choice to choose Chloris rather than her, nor insulted him nor her. She looked totally understanding and he could tell she wasn't lying.
In the end though, they get to speak about a "delicate" matter, the curse, the situation, the fact the King claims every woman on age to get married as soon as possible, the fact that for that rule, unless she'll find someone willing to marry her, her father will be forced to give her a combined marriage, which surely fills her with such sadness and grief. She'd rather wait forever for Johnny and be alone than to be married with another man, no matter what, she has loved him ever since they were children and never stopped to, not even when he screwed everything up for Chloris.

It ended with Miriesh not managing to keep her tears, but as she'd feel too embarassed to cry in front of him, she ran away. Though Johnathan followed her. Getting to speak to her gave him a brand new vision of her. How she was always so loyal to him impressed him and also made him realize that he could and should love someone who loves him so much. She would clearly never betray him, her feelings are true and she has nothing to gain with marrying him as because of being a Kight, he is literally the worst candidate in the entire family at the moment. If she wanted to just get richer and enter the Royal Family she'd be better to look for Anthony or Dorian, who also are the eldest ones.

After that, he made a decision. He. Will. Marry. Miriesh. And this time he doesn't hesitate one bit, he goes to the King as soon as he has the right to- There, he asks His Majesty formal permission and his blessings to marry Miriesh and of course, Morgan grants them to him. In truth, Morgan thinks this is the best decision Johnathan took in the last 10 years, but he won't be saying it to him of course.

To be brief, few days after that, the marriage was arranged. A huge, rich, beautiful and romantic celebration+party, unlike in the other past. This time, Johnny claimed everything to be just as Miriesh would dream it to be.

The ritual occurs at the Temple of Jovir, as it's the one with the most romantic and sweet ritual.
The party instead, takes place in the huge gardens of the Royal Palace, which have been set for the occasion.
A magic barrier prevents the rain from reaching the people in the garden and also ensures a warm temperature while not giving up on the beauty of rhe night and the open air.

Shelly goes to the party on her own. There is nothing in land, skies and seas that could convince him to attend a single one party. She is pregnant.

Morgan attends too, of course and so do Timothy, with his wife Miranda and his children Rebeccah and Andy. Even Anthony comes as he wouldn't miss his brother's marriage, bringing Rea with him.
Mortimer with Amy, George and Dominic go as well of course and so do Charles, Robert, Bartholomew I and Frederick.
Miriesh relatives are there too of course.

The couple are by their own table which is in the middle of the many other round tables prepared for the occasion.
Bolton family too was invited to the party, for Tomiel's happiness.
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The Kingdom at peace

*Since all is being well, FĂ«anor can indeed breathe with full lungs now.
The King has decided to go and visit Nortrig a little, but what he does not know is that he will directly be taken to the past version of he is unaware that teleporting there may be problematic.
The King made a portal and he stepped through it, only to end up in middle of a snowy field, blinded by sudden whiteness and finding no buildings around himself*
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1 | 23 Comments | by Erik_Phantom | Jun 23rd 2015 18:25