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RPC: The Undertaker (Black Butler)

Undertaker is a Grim Reaper, who works as an informant to the Phantomhive family, since Vincent Phantomhive's time. He maintains a façade as a funeral director for normal society.


Undertaker is a lean man with long gray hair with a single braid, which is worn so as to hide his eyes. His eyes reflect the typical color of Grim Reaper eyes, a bright yellow green.

Undertaker has extensive black fingernails and a noticeable scar across his face, neck, and left pinky finger. His robe is predominantly black; additionally, his attire includes an incredibly lengthy top hat, and a gray scarf strapped across his chest and knotted by the hips. He wears an emerald ring on his left index finger.

Undertaker's Death Scythe

Before, when he did not hide his identity as a Grim Reaper, Undertaker wore square, silver-framed glasses, and a black trench coat. He did not have the scars across his neck and face, but still had his ear piercings.

Undertaker's Death Scythe is a silver, long and curving blade fastened at an angle with a miniature skeleton, whose skull is wrapped in spiky wires, to a wooden handle.


Known only by his profession, Undertaker is a mysterious man whose scarred face is never fully visible beneath his long hair and crooked top hat. He tends to punctuate his words with sweeping gestures and creepy giggles, and spends a considerable deal of time inside of coffins. He takes joy in frightening others, as he intentionally acts in a disconcerting manner to provoke a reaction. Undertaker frequently refers to the deceased as his "guests," and it is his hobby to remove organs from his "guests" for research.
Undertaker has great and significant connections with the underworld society; as victims of murder from the underworld are often delivered to his place of business. Thus, he has voluminous knowledge in these macabre cases that allows him to be an informant. However, he does not exchange his services for "the Queen's money," as he dislikes Queen Victoria. Instead, he expects those that want information from him to amuse him in some way.

Undertaker is intrigued by humans, to the degree that he defied the Grim Reaper conduct out of his own volition so that he can manipulate the fundamental notions of life. He is exceptionally disenchanted by the aspect of death (which is considered to be the "end"); when one day he started asking the question : "What would happen if the end had a continuation?".For this question to be answered, he connects fake records to individuals' Cinematic Records. However, despite his many experiments, he could never successfully construct a soul, thus originating Bizarre Dolls, whom of which are nothing more than "flesh dolls without a self." Nonetheless, he is proud of his creation, and even when others remark on his deranged nature, he refuses to concede, and stresses the beauty of his Bizarre Dolls.

Undertaker regards a particular chain of lockets as his "treasure." (On one locket, there is a date and a name engraved: 13 July 1866, Claudia P.) He eventually entrusts his treasure in Ciel Phantomhive's care.

Undertaker as a Grim Reaper

Undertaker is a retired Grim Reaper, and as Grell Sutcliff and Ronald Knox claim, a "deserter." In the manga, he had served as a Grim Reaper for a long time, repeatedly reaping souls in a relatively peaceful, indifferent fashion, until he grew tired with the mundane process and began to experiment and tamper with human life.

Sometime later, Undertaker established his funeral parlor and became acquainted with Vincent Phantomhive. His intermittent business relations with the said Earl earned him the status as one of the "evil noblemen."

In the anime, Undertaker was a renowned Grim Reaper, who was ranked management level, and had judged souls as famous as Marie Antoinette and Robin Hood. William T. Spears said that even crying children would have willingly given up their souls to him. He was highly respected by William, but he did not return the feelings, calling William "annoying and noisy."
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RPC: Ciel Phantomhive (Black Butler)

Earl Ciel Phantomhive is the main character of the Kuroshitsuji series. He is the current head of the Phantomhive family, the notorious Queen's Watchdog, and the owner of the Funtom Company.


Ciel is a rather short teenage boy with navy blue hair and eyes and body dimensions that are described by Nina Hopkins as "slim" and "delicate." Ciel typically dresses in a way that suits his noble standing, and has a very extensive wardrobe.

Ciel nearly always wears a black eye patch with a single cord over his right eye to hide the location of his Faustian Contract with Sebastian Michaelis. However, while in disguise, he wears a medical-looking white patch that fastens over his ear with two cords. Ciel also has a brand on the left side of his body from his time as a slave in a cult. In the manga, the mark is on his back; in the anime, it is on his chest.
Signet Ring
Phantomhive signet ring.

Ciel sports two rings: one, which he wears on his left thumb, is an ornate silver piece that holds an emerald-cut deep blue stone. It is a one-of-a-kind family heirloom that had been passed down for generations. The other is a gold signet ring in the form of the Phantomhive crest. Ciel wears this on his right hand, and uses it to stamp the wax seal on documents. The seal was given to him by Angelina Dalles upon his return, who told him that it was the only ring that had not been destroyed in the fire that killed his parents.


Ciel is an arrogant and shrewd thirteen-year-old boy who holds numerous exalted positions.

As the Earl of the Phantomhive family and a distinguished nobleman, Ciel is very strict, proud, and accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle. He refuses to stay in a meager environment for long periods of time. As a result, he has considerable difficulty dressing himself up and doing household chores if left on his own. He is stern on his orders, especially in the assertion of his authority; as he expects his butler, Sebastian Michaelis, to complete them without any shortcomings. Ciel often finds it entertaining to challenge Sebastian in areas of both strength and skill.He and Sebastian frequently work together; yet only the latter seems to be fully aware of Ciel's schemes. Furthermore, Ciel has a relatively cold outlook on life. His main goal is for those who have betrayed the Phantomhive family to experience the same level of humiliation and suffering he did. During his time as a slave to cultists who subjected him to atrocious cruelties, he was branded with a mark he absolutely does not want other people to see. Ciel possesses unwavering determination. Instead of moping around hopelessly, Ciel chooses to die without regrets by working hard to fulfill his revenge, despite his aunt's insistence that he should lead a happier life. He often compares predicaments to games such as chess, and is willing to gamble with his life on the line to win them.

As the executive chairman of the Funtom Company, Ciel exhibits business acumen and impressive keenness in management affairs. Cunning and artful, he successfully administers sister Funtom Companies simultaneously. His greed is described as "knowing no boundaries"; for when he learns that a performer could double the sales of his new product, he immediately puts up advertisements of her for promotion.

"The Watchdog"

As the Queen's Watchdog, Ciel demonstrates great loyalty to Queen Victoria and aims to accomplish all tasks she assigns to him. He is undaunted by dense mysteries and macabre cases, and is confident that he will be able to solve them all. He is readily prepared to resort to dishonest measures such as bribery; provided that he can gather more information and finish his job swiftly and efficiently—though, he claims it is simply flexibility on his part. As his duty sometimes obligates him to disguise himself, he is quite a versed actor; unscrupulous, he has no qualms about lying and believes that humans do not as a whole. He is merciless with his enemies, and does not hesitate to command for the utter eradication of them.

Ciel displays signs of post-traumatic stress disorder due to his savage mistreatment as a slave by a perverse cult. He occasionally has flashbacks of the traumatic event and becomes completely unaware of his surroundings while being suspended in the disturbing, vivid memory. Due to this horrific past, Ciel seldom smiles. He had once admitted that he has forgotten how to smile happily. Ciel does show genuine concern for the well-being of those close to him. For an instance, he jumped in front of a bear to guard Elizabeth Midford. He had also sworn to protect her from a horde of violent Bizarre Dolls. He also pays ample attention to the needs of his servants, for when he had heard that they desired new items, he went shopping with them and provided them with their necessities.

Although he usually presents himself in a solemn and m*tu*e demeanor, Ciel can be rather childish at times. He is exceedingly competitive, which he acknowledges himself. He is unsatisfied with draws, and will refuse to quit until a victor is declared. Sebastian has noted that because of Ciel's talent in competition, he overestimates his skills to the point of thinking he can never lose. This is why Sebastian is careful to make sure that Ciel will be gradually humbled by a decisive defeat and the guidance of an adult he respects. Despite his weak physical condition, Ciel is competent with shooting. He always carries a gun in order to defend himself and has one under his pillow when sleeping. Ciel is also very fond of sweets, and is allergic to cats. He inherited asthma from his mother.
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Pokemon Trainer Gray

My name is Gray. When I was eight years old, I received my first pokemon, an eevee. I grew up in Petalburg City. I often played in Petalburg Woods which is where I met and caught my first wild pokemon, a shroomish, with the help of my eevee. I was nine years old and already had two pokemon while most kids didn’t even have one until they turned ten. I asked my parents and they said they would let me become a pokemon trainer if I caught one more pokemon by the time I turned ten. There was a catch, though. It couldn’t be a local pokemon. That is, I had to travel to catch it, and Professor Birch would confirm that it couldn’t be found nearby. I travelled to Mauville City, wondering if I was far enough away. Along the way, countless wild pokemon blocked my path, and eevee and shroomish were both wiped out by the time I got to the next town. I spent two days at each pokemon center along the way to recuperate. Eevee and shroomish both evolved along the way, eevee into an umbreon and shroomish into breloom. I was so happy to see my friends growing alongside me.
Traveling south from Mauville, I found a plusle/minun pair being harassed by a pack of electrike. I had breloom chase them off, but not before catching one of them. The plusle and minun were so happy to have been saved that they both jumped into my arms. I wanted to leave them, since I already had my third pokemon, but they followed me back to Mauville. I didn’t want more pokemon mistreating them, so I caught them too. The only problem was they refused to stay in their pokeballs. I eventually caved and let them ride on my shoulders, but that just made umbreon want to walk with me too.

It got dark on my way back to Mauville City, but plusle and minun acted like little lanterns. They both made little balls of sparks that lit up the area around me a bit. Then, out of nowhere, someone grabbed them off my shoulders. “What the... Who’s there?” I yelled. I called plusle and minun back to their pokeballs. “Why don’t you come out so we can have a battle?” I said. I tried to act calm, but my rage was overflowing. This jerk had just tried to steal two pokemon that I just saved from mean wild pokemon. I wasn’t going to let some thief take them.

“Do you think I’m stupid?” I hear the voice from my right.

I whisper to umbreon, “Go get him.”

“Gyaaahh!!!” The yelp comes from the same place as his last comment.

“Umbreon, bite!”

“Ack! What the hell is wrong with you?! Using your pokemon against another person-”

I cut him off. “What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with YOU?! You just tried to steal my pokemon! I just saved these two from being mistreated by other wild pokemon, and now I had to save them from being sold to the highest bidder, and probably being abused! I won’t forgive you, bastard. I won’t forgive you or anyone like you.”

I take a few steps back and send breloom out. “Umbreon, hold him still. Breloom, poison jab.” Breloom just looks at me, confused. “He just tried to steal plusle and minun! Hit him with poison jab!” This time, breloom listens. The poison jab hits him hard in the stomach. He writhes on the ground in agony. “That should teach you not to steal pokemon, bastard.”
I return umbreon and breloom to their pokeballs, then kick the man for good measure. Little did I know that I’d just declared war on the Hoenn branch of Team Rocket.
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Mick St. John Private Investigations

Mick St. John P.I. (lic. 420731-6632) > 2110 Drexel Avenue Los Angeles CA 90048 | 310 555 0186 (mobile)

Mick St.
Mick St. John is a licensed California private investigator based in Los Angeles.

Mick is dedicated to providing professional, discreet, thorough, investigative services to private citizens. His clients have included both middle-class families and leaders of business.

Mick’s specialties include:

Criminal investigation
Missing persons
Stolen property
People protection and security
An army veteran with a nose that’s been compared to a bloodhound, Mick excels at fieldwork and has even solved murders before the police did. He employs the latest investigative techniques such as computer-based search and analysis. Trained in forensic evidence collection procedures, Mick can ensure that evidence discovered during an investigation will not compromise any future legal proceedings.

Mick maintains ties with the LAPD and District Attorney’s office, and has consulted for them on high-profile cases such as the recent High Profile murder case.

Private detective services are not too expensive for the average person. While Mick generally charges on a per-hour basis, he understands that every case is unique. Contact Mick for an assessment of your personal situation. Whether you enlist his services or not, confidentiality is guaranteed.

Mick is bonded and insured for $2,000,000.
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10 Historical Vampires

A little more than a century ago, vampires stalked Rhode Island. Or rather, New England farm families were digging up dead relatives suspected of being vampires and desecrating the bodies in a misguided effort to protect the living. Often these latter-day vampire hunters removed and burned their loved ones’ heart
Though the corpses were typically re-buried, modern scholars continue to unearth the stories of real-life “vampires,” whose historic tragedies underlie classics like Dracula as well as Hollywood’s latest guilty pleasures.

The practice of disinterring accused vampires likely began in Eastern Europe, spreading to western countries including France and England in the 1700s, and then to rural New England, where vampire panics were common up through the late 1800s – particularly in Rhode Island.At home and abroad, vampire scares usually began when a person died – often of a contagious disease, and in New England almost always of tuberculosis – and others in the vicinity began dying, too, usually of the same sickness. Ignorant of germs, people surmised that the dead person had come back to drain family members’ blood, and the exhumation and staking, burning, beheading and whatever else followed (practices varied with geography) were an effort to insulate the community against further harm. Often the vampire-hunters were not disappointed when they pried open the graves: many natural signs of decay, like bloating and bleeding from various orifices, looked like evidence of midnight feasts.

Here are a few “vampires” from America and elsewhere, the real lives behind our modern legends.

Peter Plogojowitz: This Serbian villager and accused bloodsucker was exhumed and staked through the heart a few weeks after his death in 1725. In his book, “Vampires, Burial, and Death,” folklorist Paul Barber treats Plogojowitz as the quintessential European vampire, because his exhumation closely follows the broader pattern of the superstition. Plogojowitz was the first in his village to die of a sickness, and subsequent local deaths were blamed on his late-night predations. A rather gruesome-sounding autopsy revealed what were considered the tell-tale signs of vampirism:

“I did not detect the slightest odor that is otherwise characteristic of the dead, and the body…was completely fresh,” one witness wrote. “The hair and beard… had grown on him; the old skin, which was somewhat whitish, had peeled away, and a new fresh one had emerged under it … Not without astonishment, I saw some fresh blood in his mouth.”

Arnold Paole: In the early 18th century, this rural Serbian broke his neck after a fall from a hay wagon. Like many others before him, he was accused of posthumous vampirism and exhumed after a series of deaths in his village; many of his supposed victims were dug up as well. Austrian military authorities in control of the region investigated the deaths, and their published account was widely circulated. Paole’s case is thus credited with spreading the vampire superstition to Western Europe, where it took hold before reaching the New World.

Nellie Vaughn: Just 19 years old, she was buried in 1889 in West Greenwich, Rhode Island. Today this so-called vampire is almost as famous as Mercy Brown, whose exhumation was covered by international newspapers. Vaughn’s cemetery has frequently been visited, vandalized and her headstone broken. But in his book, “Food for the Dead,” folklorist and vampire scholar Michael Bell presents evidence suggesting that Vaughn’s is a case of mistaken identity, and that her contemporaries never accused or exhumed her. The superstition probably arose in the last half century or so, and may be a result of confusion with Mercy (who died nearby at a similar date and age) and the admittedly creepy epitaph on Vaughn’s tombstone: “I Am Waiting and Watching For You.”

Frederick Ransom: A Dartmouth College student from a well-respected family in South Woodstock, Vermont, he died of tuberculosis in 1817 and is an example of an educated person ensnared in a vampire panic usually associated with misinformed farmers. Ransom’s father had his body exhumed in the hopes of saving the rest of his family: his heart was burned in a blacksmith’s forge. “However, it did not prove a remedy, for mother, sister, and two brothers died afterward,” Ransom’s surviving brother Daniel later wrote. “It has been related to me that there was a tendency in our family to consumption, and that I…would die with it before I was thirty.” Happily, when Daniel Ransom wrote these words he was more than 80 years old.

Bristoe Congdon’s child: A “black” man named Bristoe Congdon and several of his children died of tuberculosis in Rhode Island in the 1800s. “The body of one of the children was exhumed,” one source wrote, “and the vital parts were burned in obedience to the dicta of this shallow and disgusting superstition.” Though it’s not entirely clear whether Congdon was African-American or American Indian, the case was the first that folklorist Michael Bell has found suggesting that the vampire tradition crossed racial lines.

Annie Dennett: She died of consumption at the age of 21 in rural New Hampshire. In September of 1810, a traveling Freewill Baptist Minister from Vermont named Enoch Hayes Place attended her exhumation, which her family undertook in an effort to save Annie’s father, also sick from tuberculosis. Place’s diary entry is a curious example of the participation of a respected New England minister in a vampire hunt. “They opened the grave and it was a Solemn Sight indeed,” Place wrote. “A young Brother by the name of Adams examined the mouldy Specticle, but found nothing as they Supposed they Should…. There was but a little left except bones.”

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