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I am Shadow. A genesis (can change my physical appearance) who was abducted as a child from my parents due to me being the 7th son. I was raised by a spook who taught me the ways of hunting and survival. I was later recruited as an assassin due to my many skills. I am friendly on some days but you may want to leave me alone on others. I have been hurt by many people and don't trust anybody. I hate when people try to treat me like a criminal. This is my job. I do it for a living as long as I live. Do not assume that I am a bad guy. I am just have a bad past. Feel free to talk to me. The Genesis will rise!!! (Age: 20)
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1 | 0 Comments | by Shadowgenesis | Feb 7th 2015 17:56


Age: Unknown, thought to be one of the first vampires, looks to be about early to mid 20's
Skills: Powers of attraction, seduction, and persuation
Weapons: small hidden daggers as well as her fingernails, they hold the vampire venom and are similar to cats claws.
Species: PureBlood Vampire
Physical: eyes the color of molten silver, hair as black as a ravens feathers and as soft as satin that flows down past her ass, a perfect hourglass figure, large breasts, and pale alabaster skin that almost gleams.
Title/Rank: Princess.

She is the last Princess of a dying race and as such must gather the scattered clans and bring her people back to the former glory. Her path will be difficult but maybe if she lets her path take the proper course she may yet find that she is not alone in her quest.
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7 | 2 Comments | by RubysDarkGardenMCRP | Feb 7th 2015 14:00

Denial - A WWE Love Story

The dream of becoming a WWE Diva isn't something you can just wake up wanting. It takes being a WWE Universe, training your ass off, having a best friend whose a WWE superstar also helps. Dean and I fight like siblings, and get pissed off when someone hurts the other, safe to say that Dean is the brother I don't have. For those of you who don't know which Dean I'm talking about, I mean Dean Ambrose THE Dean Ambrose. We met at a WWE press conference in my home town of Litchfield. I was just starting the process of becoming a WWE diva and I hadn't met one of them. Dean was the first to greet me, and we just instantly clicked. The night before my debut match and naturally I'm feeling sick to my stomach. I feel my phone vibrate and I glance at the phone and smile when I see its Dean. "Hello?" I answered smiling, trying not to sound too queazy. "Hey Megan, how you holdin' up?" I swallowed hard remembering that my first ever match is tomorrow... On Raw none the less- "uh... Well..." He didn't let me finish "I'm coming over... You don't sound to good hun." I smiled and agreed
Within ten minutes Dean was knocking at my door. "Come in" I shouted still sitting on the couch facing the TV, stuffing my face with Bon-Bons. Dean opened the door and closed it behind him walking over to the couch holding what looked like a bottle. "You know you really should check to see who it is before you invite a potential masked murderer into your house, giving up your one and only life because of.... What are those Bon Bons?!?" I laughed "Yes! Bon Bons! I love chocolate and I'm nervous, and so sorry mother!" Dean shot me his famous "oh no you didn't" look and sat on my face. "Who's your mother now?!?" He laughed placing the bottle on the coffee table. "Dean for real get the fuck off!" I laughed slapping him on the ass. "EEEP!!!" He jumped off me and rubbed his ass "what da fuck Megan!?!?" I laughed "you started it!!!" Dean popped open the bottle of whine sipping it from the bottle "oh.... Sorry did you want some?" I laughed taking it "just give me the bloody thing...." I took a sip too and licked the stray whine off my lip. "You just French kissed your brother..." Dean smirked. "What?!? Did not!!!" He smirked again "testy!" Dean snd I spent most of the night talking about different things.... Not once did I have a single shred of nerve to tell him how I feel about him. Not that there's nothing between us... Just friends that's it.... Yet I find myself constantly having to tell myself that I don't want him.
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4 | 0 Comments | by MickieCookieJames | Feb 5th 2015 20:56

Jennifer's Biography.

“Hello, Jennifer speaking here!
After thinking for so long I decided to add a biography—besides, not like it’s interesting, but if you so please you’re welcomed to read.

When I was about… maybe six years old, my father started to go on camp trips with me—without mother. I was surprised to finally explore the thickness of the woods on the back of my house. As the years progressed we got deeper and deeper in the forest, until the time I was nine, I lost my dad on the forest and did as he told me on moments prior to every camping trip. ‘If you get lost, follow the path back home. I’ll eventually come back’

At the time I went to the backyard, I found the place empty—too empty and quiet. I mean, mother was home right and she was always playing around as we were gone. I walked inside, looked around the house and it was still pretty empty. Until I heard a tumult upstairs, something like a constant banging. At the time I couldn’t figure what was going on and I thought mom was in danger—so naturally I went upstairs to her room to help but there she was, with him. Her moans were constant and loud, I remember, and when I opened the door it was twice as loud. She was on top of him, naked of course, in the bed she used to share with dad. The only noticed me a few seconds after I opened the door. Mom covered herself and tried to explain ‘It isn’t what it looks like’ and I, at the moment, did not hear a single thing. My tears fell down and I was left with no love and respect towards her. When I turned around I noticed Dad looking too, also heart broken.
I remember that the night was quiet, somber and I was left alone in my room crying for the entirety of the night. Mom eventually came to try and comfort me, but that was futile. I could not take my image off that. Mom and Dad finally got divorced and she left home, it was now just my Dad and I. My father coped with it of course, and kept teaching me that life goes on even after such betrayal. I developed an interest towards writing, and Dad always encouraged it. I lived happily with him for a few years.

When I was about fourteen years old a new female student arrived in the classroom. She was the prettiest I have ever seen. She was blonde, shorter than I was plump lips and a loveable smile. I fell in love with her and I thought it was wrong because she was a girl—just like I was. We had bumps on our chest and delicate female frame, but I liked her a lot. We became friends and soon enough we got… too close I think. One day after school, both of us were by the parking lot—and she leaned in, and her thick lips crashed onto my thin ones; I felt so excited, so invested. We contrasted each other in each manner. While she placed her hands on my hips I cupped her cheeks—while her nose was relatively normal, mine was pointy, rather sharp and long. Her voice was soft and sweet and people used to tell me mine was sultry and deep. I was in love with her every way of being.
Did I forget to mention that my dad was supposed to pick me up? Yes, he was there, watching. I pulled away from her, blushing and going towards her. On the car ride home, I was quiet—suddenly he chuckled and said ‘It’s OK, darling. I understand.’ As if he read my mind. I asked if having feelings for her was OK, and he nodded happily. He understood me, and loved me unconditionally as long as he lived.

A few months after as he was going to pick me up he suffered a car accident, where both parties were affected and both died. I was devastated and my tears flowing more than the last time. I was left alone in the world and custody wise, I was left alone to my mother—who cheated on my father so mercilessly. I moved in with her and … that guy. It was awkward to see them together and after such a short time notice. I used to cry in my bedroom for hours while Mom was probably sucking up faces with him.

My worst nightmare came true a few weeks later when we moved out of town to another town. I lost the girl I was in love with and my father. Nowadays we still don’t get along and… yeah. That’s my story thus far.
It’s quite the sad one, but hey! I am positive that maybe in the future it’ll be brighter? Besides, I'm still alive and I am willing to give life a few more chances.

--Love, Jennifer!”
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0 | 0 Comments | by JenniferMcCallister | Feb 3rd 2015 19:21

A Bit About Me & Roleplaying

I'm never really that good at starting these sorts of things off but anyway...this is actually the first time I've ever been on this site but it's certainly not the first time I've role-played.
I started role-playing in January 2008 when I decided, not knowing that there were any people who had done the same, created my first role-play account on Bebo. It was simply out of a huge love for a certain book (I shall not mention what it's called but I hate it now) that I had been given that month (I read it in a matter of a few days) and the fact that I wanted to be a part of the world that it had created. It then didn't take me long to gather a few core role-players before I was off, making another account (I have lost count on how many accounts over the years I created on Bebo).
I stopped role-playing there about April 2013 but I did attempt to start it again in August of that year but by then, Bebo had been taken down and was on it's way to changing. I thought then, that I wouldn't do it again but now, feeling a little rusty, I am back!
Hopefully I'll stay here for a little while longer. :)

- H
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0 | 0 Comments | by Luke22 | Feb 2nd 2015 18:24