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Demetri Castlvic (character)

Age: 34

Sex: male

Species: human

Alignment: chaotic neutral

Weapon of choice: usually a sort of pistol but can use a verity of weapons, ranging from knives to LMGs a jack of all trades when it comes to weapons.

Appreance: a tall muscular man, longish white hair and icy cold blue eyes, he is seemly perfectly tone in every way, standing at 6'4 he is certainlly an intimidating man. He has several tattoos on his body, two on his back, one being a hammer and syckle, he was born in the soviet union, he and his family was a devout communist, as such he felt in nessicary to show that on his skin, the second one of several church bell towers, these were ones he got in prison, each one is three years, so in total it says he spent nine years in 'Black Dolphin' prison. He also has a sleeve on his left arm, it include his father's name, the name of the man he frist killed, barbed wired riding up his arm, and the phrase "pain is control" in Russian. Finally he has some on his muscular chest, a soviet flag as though it draped down his chest, as well as a man leaning against a wall with old WWII era rifle.

Personality: a cold hearted man, Demetri was raised to believe that pain was the only truth in life and he puts that into his work, he can be charismatic and at time manipulative to certain people he needs to be, he is for the most part a closed book, not sharing much about himself even with his closest associates.

History: born in the soviet union he and his family lived there till the wall feel until they moved to the US despite being debut communist, however Demetri stayed in Russia while his parents moved, he quickly got involved with the mob, slowly working his way up, it was when he was around twenty five he moved to the US where he reached his peak, he ran a large weapon dealing operation in NYC, he at frist he worked for a man named Gerogroi Nezri...before he murdered him in a horribly gruesome manner involving chains and cynder block shoes ontop of a skyscraper. He currently is one of the most powerful gangsters in all of the US, fully capable to go against most other large gangs with minimal effort, a insanely well thought through tactician and knows really how to get into one's head.

"im going to assure every last waking moment of you life is a living nightmare for what you've done, I've never hated someone so much before and that fact alone makes me want to hurt you more"
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Fayette and Alastair Ashrock

Fayette is Alastair's younger sister. She is very shy and timid. She jumps at the tiniest thing and seems to be on edge or paranoid half the time. She is very apologetic about little things and is self conscious. It's almost like she is unsure of almost everything she does. She usually has some sort of bruise or injury that she always blames her clumsiness on. She seems to be close to her brother and rarely is seen without him. She almost hides behind him most of the time.

Fayette has a love for painting and drawing. It is what she does when she is left home because Alastair wants to go out on his own. She is definitely the more introverted of the siblings.

Alastair has control issues. He likes to know where Fayette is at all times and prefers to be with her or have her staying at home. He has a short temper and ends up yelling at her more than anything behind closed doors. He thinks she is wasting her time drawing and wants her to do anything else besides it. He is like this with other people he knows if they are the timid type or have a less dominate personality.

Although he also is charismatic, which is what draws most people to him. He knows how to apologize after he cools down and promise it will never happen again. He is sweet during these times and is the main reason Fayette is willing to still live with him.

Their dynamics make people talk. There's always rumors surrounding them, just wondering how close the two siblings are and is Fayette is really prone to hurting herself so much or if Alastair's temper is worse than he lets on. It ruins relationships he has with women and Fayette doesn't even get close enough to people to even try to make one happen most of the time.
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Age:210 (21 to humans)

Race: Dog Demon

Status: Demon Queen

Weapon: Three swords; one that revives the death, and one that can change into any form, and one simple katana. Two fans, one with blades one without. A hidden dagger. Poison claws. Claws

Personality: Very motherly but not to the point its creepy. She is very blunt and straight forward with everything. Keeps to her self mostly but is rather outgoing in times. cares greatly about her friends and family and would risk her life to save them, has several times kissed the feet of death. Once you get her going she is a very sexual woman and enjoys both men and women but she draws the line to somethings sexual.

Background: VERY LONG STORY SHORT.....She is the middle child of three. With her older brother she has a daughter, Heather. She also has a son with her father, SheiShei or Shei for short. When she came back to her castle after being sold as a slave to the humans 200 years ago (at the time she was 20, there was a spell casted on her that stopped her from aging for 10 years) she was 20, her father did not recognize her smell and as an attractive young woman still in the mind set of "sex slave" she gave him what he wanted not knowing who he was either. Once her father remembered who she was she was welcomed back into the castle and lived her life with many complications such has having to marry her older brother and have a child with him (which she was willing to do). She is now Queen along side with her brother. Even though married both her and her brother have people they love and enjoy time with and others who they enjoy just enjoy...if you get where I'm going with that -winks-

Looks: Red crescent moon in the middle of her eyes on her forehead a long with two red "scratches" marks on her face, fore arms, wrists, legs, chest, and hips. Long white hair, golden yellow eyes. Lip, and tongue piercings. Always in the same kimono style but different colors (pic). ALWAYS caries around her fluff, like her brother, on her right shoulder. It hangs down to the ground about a foot behind her and in front to her hips.
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0 | 1 Comment | by QueenOfHell | Feb 13th 2015 19:24


Faith is a loyal servant. He was made a servant as a child of the age 13. He has been to many owners, none to kind. He was named by his mother who was very religious until she was killed with the rest of his family and he was taken as a slave due to his looks. He is a strong worker but is a better servant in the house. He is also an amazing cook. He has been trained in medical and culinary arts. He sees the aura of people since his mother was a healer. (Age 19)
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4 | 2 Comments | by Shadowgenesis | Feb 9th 2015 19:54


Alexander is a knight of the guild Camelot. The guild has a history of strong heroes. He was left on there steps when he was little. He later found out his father was a demon and his mother was an angel. He has been sent on several missions and has been in many wars. His main quest in life is to discover who his parents really where and to make them proud. (Age 19)
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0 | 0 Comments | by Shadowgenesis | Feb 7th 2015 18:00