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His story.

Shortly, he was the professor of Defence in the Malicedom, mostly a physical subject present only in the Order of Power from the third year on.
He was an experienced and fair professor, but strict. An year, a girl doesn't manage to pass his exam, so she gets rejected even if he couldn't do much about it at all, he even gave some help to the students during it.
The year after, the girl went to him in the evening for a private lesson, and it went all normally.
The morning after, he woke up earlier than usual, when a guard knocked hardly at his door. He went to open, not understanding why he was there; then though, he notices behind him the girl -crying- with her parents.
He tried to ask what was going on and why, but the father of the girl just muttered something, while the guard simply grabbed him and tied his hands for good.

He got kept in a cell for an entire day, before to finally understand why this happened. They took him to a room to interrogate him, giving him even a potion not to make him lie:
Guard. "Is it true she came to a private lesson yesterday evening?"
Lars. "Yes, I still don't see the point of all this."
Guard. "For how long she remained?"
Lars. "One hour, from 10pm till 11pm."
Guard. "What did you do during this hour?"
Lars. He rolled his eyes, obviously annoyed. "We had our lesson, she needed to review a few tecniques."
Guard. "What time did you start to ABUSE her?!" He raised his voice, grabbing him by collar.
Lars. His eyes widen at these words, and he just shaked his head. "Makes no sense!"
Guard. "For how long have you been doing it?!" He shouted a lot and even hit him, but he kept not giving clear answers. He certainly didn't touch the girl though.

He is brought back to the cell, and the day after, they made a trial for his case, and in the end he got considered guilty... luckily for him, he didn't get "neutered" because he had a good lawyer. (XDD) But he ended up in prision for 10 years, getting often tortured by Dexter as he was supposed to do by law, even if he knew he was not guilty, but he managed to go a little more lightly on Lars for this.

He just got out of prision, and now he has literally nothing. Right now he is sleeping on a bench of the park...
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At the end of the wedding party, he and Amelis took both Tomiel and Murphy with them to their own mansion, to leave total freedom and peace to their parents for their first wedding night and for the upcoming Honeymoon.
Jackil and Cora considered to take Tomiel with them for the travel they planned for Honeymoon but they were convinced by their parents and brothers that it'd be better to leave her home with the grandparents, since she would lose a month of school and they'd be less free.
So, he picks Tomiel up at the end of the party, waits for his family and Murphy to be ready and they teleport back to his own mansion in Shadowmoor, the main city of his ex-Dukedom (now Dorian's), Schest Auf Shadowmoor.
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At Jackil's and Dorian's wedding, she and her sister were invited to, going with Madre as their father had not yet come to them.
She though is very bored, she doens't know anyone and doesn't feel at ease.
She notices a waiter near her but she doesn't know he is a waiter, considering he is so elegant, she thinks is an invited who is holding a tray for unknown reasons.
She decides to approach him and have a few words.
«I've never seen such a huge party in my life...»
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The Wedding(s)

Affter various strikes and peaceful protests, eventually the Doctors of Nortrig were granted the right of getting formally married, which was a huge joy for each one of them and their beloved ones, as they could finally be a family on the legal side too.
And Jackil was the main promoter and instigator of all this, so that he could get married to Cora without being forced to give up on his job and the efforts it cost him to achieve that licence.

Barely some weeks after that, he formally asked Cora's father to be granted her hand and once received his yes, he went to ask Cora, who of course said yes as well.
The marriage was organized very shortly afterwards, and Jackil and Dorian decided to celebrate both their weddings together with one ceremony and one party, since they were meant to get married more or less at the same time.

On the 29th October, to avoid to celebrate during Winter II, they decided to let it take place in one of the last days of Autumn I. Rainy, very rainy, but no snow anywhere and a much less deadly cold than what would await them in few days.
The day starts with a big storm, but in the early afternoon it turns in a rather pleasant drizzling, sky totally dark grey and whole city having that awesome atmosphere and smell of wet fresh grass.
The ceremony takes place in the late afternoon. First the ritual at the Temple, at 6 pm, then a huge ceremony in the gardens of the Royal Palace, as usual, set with spells to keep the area warmer and to prevent the guests from getting wet by the rain.
Since Jack and Dorian want to get married under two different Gods (Zimkesha for Dorian and Jeisin for Jackil), the ritual takes place in the Temple celebrating all Gods, and is performed by both the High Priestess of Zimkesha and the High Priest of Jeisin.
The grooms reach the Temple some time before 6 pm as they have to arrive before their brides. There they wait in front of the altair, with their Best Men, 3 per each: Anthony, Johnny and Vik for Dorian and Mortimer, Dominic and Hector for Jackil.
Soon enough whole family joins the grooms at the Temple. Madre took care of sending the invitations and invited literally everyone, but only for the party. At the Temple only the close relatives where invited as proper. Parents, sisters, brothers, uncles and grandparents, first cousins and closest friends only. Edward is there too as he's Jackil's Godfather and must attend the ceremony. (He won't join at the party of course.) And Rujha is there too as Dorian's Godmother.
At 6 o'clock, not even a minute of "theatrical" delay, the two brides arrive. Cora is wearing a 100% traditional long white gown with uber long veil covering her face and long train from both gown and veil. the gown that her grandmother wore when she got married. White flowers in her bouquet, very neutral makeup and tied hair. With no surprise, Tomiel is her Bridesmaid, wearing a white gorgeous gown as well, looking like a mini bride herself. She comes inside with Cora, holding a basket full of white and light blue petals she lets fall on the floor behind the bride as she walks towards the altair. And of course, Cora is accompanied by her father.
Hannah makes her entrance together with Cora, the two brides walking side by side with their chaperons at their right, arm in arm. She is wearing a black, long gown, pretty simple and more modern than Cora's. It has a belt around her waist and uncovered back. instead of a long veil, she wears a short black veil with a little elegant hat on top. The veil just covers half of her face but looks extremely elegant and gothic.
Her bouquet is made of crimson red roses. Her makeup is elegant and dark and her hair are untied and curly, very well defined.
The two brides' look match the style of the Goddesses under whose blessings they want to get married.
Scheireen is Hannah's Bridesmaid, she is wearing a huge dress -as usual-, as black as hers, even though it's not black in her profile picture. (T.T) She walks side by side with Tomiel and carries a basket with black and golden petals she lets fall on the floor behind the bride.
Hannah is accompanied by Hector, as he's her closest living relative.
Murphy is wearing an elegant and traditional suit as well, matching with what the grooms as wearing. something very similar to the classic "white tie suit" but with a longer black jacket looking more like a coat. He walks behind the Bridesmaid, carring a black piece of linen cloth on which the jewelry is placed, what Hannah and Dorian will have to exchange during the ceremony.
Beside him walks Torntorn (Richard's firstborn) carrying a white piece of linen cloth in which Cora's and Jack's jewelry is placed.
As they reach the altair, Mainard and Hector leave the brides to the grooms, then stand in their position (Mainard beside Benjamin between the two couples, and Hector at Jackil's right, between Mort and Dominic.). The whole ritual is performed in Ancient Dolashin and is extremely formal in every detail. After the blessings, prayers and formulas, the two couples exchange the jewelry, swearing their Oaths to the Gods, their partners and their parents and ancestors. Then the fathers and Hector give their blessings to the couples, Anthony as King, blesses them as well and recognizes them as formally married in the name of the Realm.
The ceremony lasts about 1:30h and in the end, the two couples walk out among the people of the family who can finally congratulate with them personally. Once done, the relatives head straight to the Garden were the party is going to start while the couples, with their Braidsmaids, Best Men and the boys go with a photographer to take some pictures in different locations.

The Royal Garden is absolutely perfect. Every single grass seems to be at its own place as if "combed" on the black soil.
The tables are placed on the grass in a circle, with some beautiful Plumberry trees around. White, light blue, red and golden roses are placed everywhere as decorations, together with candles of the same colors placed on the white tables and lamps. Cutlery and plates are of platinum and the tables are round, each one set with 11 seats.
For the two couples of course, two different tables have been prepared, a bit isolated from the other ones and each one of those are prepared for only two people, the couples only. Many waiters are already in the garden with silver trays full of champagne glasses and some appetizers, all of them wearing extremely formal uniforms and being perfectly combed, looking like models.
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Cynthia Ethan (Character)

-Name: Cynthia 'Ethan'
-Gender: Female
-Age: 8 (psyhically 16-18)
-Powers: Alchemy, Metal Magic, and Gear Mastery (using gears to make small machines)
-Weapons: Musket and Bayonet
-Weakness: Anti-Alchemy, Acid, Shadow Magic
-Likes: reading, having fun
-Fears: Forks, Darkness, Scary people, Death
-Other Skills: learning different magics, mild sharpshooting, mechanical skills
-Personality: Kind, slightly shy, talkative, honest, modest
-Relationship Status: Single
-Bio: Cynthia is an experiment by an alchemist to both test creation of life and resurrection of the dead. Being an illegal experiment, Cynthia spent her life with her family on the run from multiple organizations. Her father taught her about Alchemy, gear mastery and mechanics, while her mother attempted to teach her other magics. Soon, she left them to find her own path in life, no matter the risks...
-Appearence[without armor]: (see below. P.s add blue at the tips of her hair)
-Theme: "Icarus"
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